How to find cookies?

Kristina Firsova
Kristina Firsova
11 April 2013
How to find cookies?

Cookies (in Russian they are usually called “cookies” or “cookies”) are files that are created by websites visited by the user to store the necessary information (profile information - login, password, site settings, etc.). Sometimes you need to find out cookies. Today we will talk about how to recognize cookies in your browser and how to find someone else's cookies.

Learn cookies in Opera

In order to view information about your cookies in Opera, you need to open a browser, then find the “Settings” section, open it. There you will see the sub-item “General settings”, open the window. Now look for the “Advanced” section, where the folder with all the information and management of “Cookies” is located. This item will contain all the information about the cookie. Click on the item "Management", a window opens in which you can select "Find". With this feature you can find and view specific cookies.

Get cookies in Google Chrome

How to find cookies in Google Chrome browser? In the corner on the right side at the top there is a section "Settings". It can be in the form of a "gear" or a wrench. Click on this icon and you will see a window with settings.Select "Show advanced settings." Then in the "Personal Information" section, click "Content Settings". There you will see "cookies".

Learn cookies in Mozilla Firefox

To find cookies in Mozilla, you need to find the menu, then open the "Tools" section, in which you need to select the "Settings" item. In the "Settings" you need to select "Privacy". You will be able to see a window in which there is an offer to view or delete cookies. Go to the "Show Cookies".

How to hack cookies?

If the option to get into someone else's computer and see the cookies there with the help of the instructions given a little higher, you cannot do it, then there are other options.

It has long been no secret that with the help of a virus, you can hack any computer and get a variety of information. The same with cookies. You will need a virus called a trojan. He steals information, including cookie data, by sending it to the hacker's computer. Another way to steal cookies is to use sniffers. Sniffers are traffic analyzers for interception and subsequent analysis of network traffic. They can be found online on any hacker site. They are configured, then all the information, for example, about the page on the social network, is subject to you.You can go to the user's site, but this is already called hacking.