How to lighten the skin around the eyes

You will need
  • - raw potatoes;
  • - parsley;
  • - dill;
  • - chamomile.
First, identify and, if possible, eliminate the causes of darkening of the skin under the eyes. Possible causes include alcohol at night, frequent constipation, and heart or kidney problems. In addition, dark circles can be the result of age-related changes in the body.
Every morning massage the area around the eyes. Immediately after morning washing, lightly massage the lower eyelid with the fingertips. Move from the temple to the bridge of the nose. Massage continue to do for 2-4 minutes.
After the massage, use a special gel or cream designed to lighten the skin near the eyes. Apply it with your fingertips using light movements on the lower eyelid from the temples to the nose.
After applying the cream or gel, make some fairly strong pressing movements on the edges of the eye orbit in the same direction (ie, from the temples to the nose).Such movements continue for 1-2 minutes. When performing them, make sure that the skin does not stretch and does not move (that is, the pressure must be accurate and precise).
Daily or every other day do the following water gymnastics. Fill a wide clean container with cold water, immerse your face in water and close the water several times and open the eyelids.
Perform the following exercises for 10 minutes. Close your eyes fixskinin the corners of the eyes with index fingers so that it does not gather in wrinkles. Zoom in with all power for 6 seconds, then completely relax the eyelids. Such exercises can be done 1-4 times a day.
Make a refreshing mask of grated raw potatoes or mashed parsley roots. Apply the mask on the eyelids for 10-20 minutes, then rinse with warm water. You need to make such a mask once a week for a month.
Make contrasting lotions from herbal infusions. Boil in half a glass of boiling water 1 teaspoon of dill or chamomile, after cooling down divide the tincture into 2 parts. Cool one part and heat the other. Apply to the area around the eyes with a gauze cloth moistened alternately in the hot, then in the cold infusion. Perform this procedure every other day for one month.