How to live in the style of Hugge

You will need
  • Garlands, candles, tea, cookies, plaid, books, tangerines.
You can hear the hygge through the rumble of thunder, the rustling of leaves, the sound of a fire.
Taste through favorite tea
Sniff through the smell of mandarin, New Year's tree, blossoming lilac or hot baking.
See through the falling snow. So soft and fluffy.
For a cozy house in Danish, it is enough to buy a new rug and candles.
Create a few warm light sources.
To equip yourself a secluded place of soft pillows. Cover with a blanket.
Dress warmly and for the weather. Buy warm woolen sweaters.
In winter, wrap a large scarf.
Have cozy gatherings with friends or family. Have fun playing games.
Be alone with the book.
Read for example these cozy books:
"Hyugge, or Cozy Happiness in Danish" by Helen Russell
"The Little Book of Hygge. The Secret of Danish Happiness" Viking M.
"Hygge. Your cozy happiness with hugs, cookies and rug. Secrets to enjoying life in Scandinavia." Irina Sokovykh
Go on a picnic. Grab cheese, bread, wine, fruit.
Feel every bit of food.