How to lose memory?

Natalya Kosenko
Natalya Kosenko
October 2, 2014
How to lose memory?

There are situations when memory loss seems the only way to get rid of unwanted memories. Asking the question "How to lose memory?" Remember that this state radically changes a person's life and can cause a complete destruction of a person's personality.

Types of amnesia and their causes

Regardless of the causes, the state of amnesia has many types, each of which has its own characteristics.

Anterograde amnesia

In most cases, the cause of anterograde amnesia is a head injury or severe stress. A feature of this type is the preservation of memories of the events preceding the disease. In this case, the newly received information is not completely stored in the memory.

Retrograde amnesia

Signs of retrograde amnesia are completely opposite to anterograde. With a clear perception of reality, the patient cannot remember the events that happened to him before the onset of amnesia.

Traumatic amnesia

The condition of traumatic amnesia is temporary and occurs due to various head injuries (a heavy object falling on the head, a blow). Its duration depends on the strength of the blow.

Hysterical amnesia

This type of amnesia is a flight from remembering an event that the brain cannot cope with. Such an impetus can be the loss of a loved one, sexual violence, man-made disaster, participation in hostilities or terrorist acts, and so on. In this case, a person loses not only memories of the past, but also personal identification. In most cases, the memory is returned, but the memories that caused the emotional shock can be erased from memory forever.

How to intentionally lose memory

Artificially induce organic amnesia by taking a number of drugs: tranquilizers, cyclic antidepressants, antiadrenergic and anti-progestogen drugs.

Another radical way to lose memory is a head injury. You should not ask about this strangers, as for such an action provides criminal liability.

Alcohol abuse and the use of hallucinogenic drugs (henbane, dope, some types of fungi, synthetic compounds) can lead to partial memory loss.

The safest way to get rid of unwanted memories is a course of hypnosis. An experienced doctor in several sessions will help to erase unpleasant moments from memory.

Reflecting on how to lose memory, you should not experience the described methods. Remember that curing amnesia is much more difficult than getting it.