How to make a basket?

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How to make a basket?

Many are interested in the question of how to make a basket? We are used to weaving a basket from a rod. However, there are several ways to weave a basket, it can be woven from fabric, thread and of course, from paper. It is worth noting that the baskets, which are made of newspapers or magazines, are not inferior in quality and strength to real baskets made of wicker. If such a picture is beautifully decorated with ribbons, beads, then you get a real work of art.

Weaving paper basket

If you are interested in how to make a paper basket from paper, then it is necessary to have certain materials on hand, namely, newspapers or magazines, knitting needles, scissors, PVA glue, paints, a brush and a box or cap that will be the basis for weaving. If you are wondering how to make a basket out of newspapers, then, first of all, you need to wind the paper tubes. To do this, cut from sheets of newspapers into strips 30 inches long with a width of 5 cm, if you want the strips to be thicker, then cut larger. Then they should be wound as tightly as possible on the rod or knitting needle.When the tube is almost twisted, you can get a rod, then you need to fix it to the strip of the edges of the newspaper with glue. This process must be repeated several times, because it will take a lot of tubes. Then the tubes can be painted with fabric paint, but if you don’t do it now, you can paint a ready-made basket, but the paint will help to make the tubes more dense after drying.

If you are wondering how to make a basket with your own hands, then you should start from the bottom. For the base you will need eight tubes, which you need to twist the grid four tubes vertically and four horizontally, you will get a grid pattern. If the length of the tube turns out to be small, then it is enough to glue the next tube to it with the help of PVA, the tip of one tube is smeared, and it is inserted into the previous one. Thus, you will weave the bottom of the size you need, which will depend on the base you have chosen. After that, the tubules should be bent up to mark the base and the weaving will continue in a circle in rows. It should be borne in mind that the density of weaving should be the same.

After you weave a basket of the height you need, you need to bend the vertical tubes either inside or outside of the basket itself. In the rows that were before the end.Tubes need to be fixed, and all the excess just cut. The basket is best painted with paint or acrylic varnish. Looks very nice options with decor, beads, ribbons. Such baskets can be used for gifts, or simply as an element of the interior. If you are interested in how to make a cart, a video on the Internet can help you with this.