How to make a fireplace portal yourself

Make a fireplace under the force of each. The niche frame consists of 4 parts: two side panels, the top and the front panel. The dimensions of the grooves on the front panel depend on the size of the fireplace that you want to fit there, and the size of the whole niche depends on where you want to place it.

If the space is not limited and the material reserves allow, you can make a niche with wide panels. Then the fireplace will become a self-sufficient, outstanding element of the interior. So, we cut out 3 elements from a chipboard sheet - the front and 2 side panels (the upper part will be discussed below). We connect them with a screwdriver. Behind the side panels are fastened with a wide wooden plank (for structural stability).

For decorating a niche we use brick imitation tiles. It comes in different sizes, colors and textures - choose according to the overall color scheme of the interior or the shade of the furnace surface.

Using tile adhesive, glue the tile to the chipboard.By the way, there are various options for “laying” bricks - it is not necessary to place them strictly one above the other. When everything is dry, gloss over the joints between the tiles with cement mortar, and then remove its excess.

The framework for the fireplace

As the top panel, we have a part made of laminated chipboard that imitates the texture of wood (but it can also be “under the stone”). In the furniture salon you can choose the desired shade, texture and order the item of the required size. It is not necessary to glue it - you can just gently put it on top of the niche, and then decorate it with frames with photos, figurines, watches, candles and other accessories.

Now it's up to you - to place a fireplace in a niche, bring its cord back, connect it, and you can already bask in the fire.