How to make a girl to finish?

In order to deliver a girl an orgasm, you must first of all well excite her. To do this quickly and efficiently, try:

  • start passionately kissing her at the moment when she does not expect it
  • press a girl against a wall or bed so that she feels your body
  • immobilize her - almost all the girls are very exciting
  • hug her very tight using force
  • kiss so energetically that the girl was hard to breathe
  • unbutton her blouse / lift up her T-shirt, but do not take off completely
  • don't undress yourself until the end
  • whisper in her ear how much you want her and what you want to do with her

After that, you need to proceed directly to the case. There are two options: you can deliver a girl clitoral or vaginal orgasm.

How to make a girl to cum clitoral

Hold her tight. Hug so that the girl was hard to move. It doesn't matter if you lie on a bed, sit in a chair, or stand leaning against a wall. The main thing - a strong hug. Do not undress the girl to the end.

Passionately kiss on the neck and lips. Put one hand under her blouse and gently squeeze her breasts. Do it gently, from time to time increasing strength and delivering a little pain to the girl. Move your finger around her nipple, squeeze it, then stroke. You can try to grope nipples through a t-shirt.

At this time, your second hand should be in her panties. With circular movements of your fingers, stroke the girl's clitoris and the area around it. If required, add lubricants for smooth movements. Fingers should slide easily and sometimes change the trajectory. The pace can be gradually increased. Imagine that your girlfriend is a piano, on which your light fingers beat a melody, which grows and intensifies with every minute and every note.

Sometimes you can stop and slightly change the position. Tease your girlfriend. And most importantly - do not let her go as soon as she reaches orgasm - make her come a dozen more times. After the first clitoral orgasm, it is very easy to achieve the rest, they can go with the girls in an endless line. Stop the process only when the girl for the third time in exhaustion asks you to stop, dying of tenderness.

How to make a girl to cum vaginally

Use all the tricks described above. Start in the same way to caress a girl's breasts and clit to warm her up. To make a girl cum quickly, be assertive, a little rough and gentle at the same time. Alternate gentle kisses with small bites, stroking - with slaps.

Try to be everywhere at the same time, you need to absorb the girl and fill the whole space around her with yourself. Your hands and lips should be able to reach out to the neck, and to the lips, and to the chest, and to the hips of the girl.

Inside it move rhythmically, intensively, but at the same time softly. It is preferable to make more rare, but strong movements than frequent and shallow ones. Pull her slightly by the hair, hug tightly by the neck. Whisper in your ear obscenity mixed with tenderness. Dissolve in the process. Breathe hotly and rhythmically.