How to make a group of kindergarten?

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How to make a group of kindergarten?

Kindergarten for kids - this can be said as a second home for kids, so the design of the rooms plays an important role. But do not forget about the parents who bring their children: during the registration of the group in kindergarten it is necessary to consider the parent corner.

Group for children

In order for children to come to kindergarten with pleasure, the group must be well decorated. Making a group, it is necessary to remember about the main elements that must be present:

  • group name. If your group is called, for example, “Sun”, then the sun should be present in the design. You can make a large sun out of paper, stick a photograph of the caregiver in the middle, and photograph or the names of the children on the rays.
  • exhibition of works. During classes, children make a lot of handicrafts, whichExhibition of WorksIt is necessary to demonstrate to parents, therefore it is necessary to think about the design of the exhibition. If these are works made of paper, it is possible to make original pockets on a large sheet of paper (Whatman paper) and to invest children's works in them. Each child can have a pocket.Or if it is more voluminous work, then you can put it, fixing near the child's locker.
  • sports section.Sport cornerPlaying sports is an important component in the development of a child, therefore in the game room it is necessary to make a small sports ground. You can install the Swedish ladder, or if the room is small, make a small storage of sports equipment, nailing hooks to the wall, on which you can hang bags with balls, pins.
  • health corner. here you can post information about how to dress according to weather conditions,Health cornerHow to prepare for going to kindergarten or to bed.
  • themed corners. During classes, children learn a lot of new things. In order to make the lessons more interesting, it is necessary to prepare thematic material and place it in a specially designated place. For example, put a small table in the corner of the room, and attach the name “Today in the classroom” to the wall and add a theme each time and change visual material on the table.
  • game ZoneAll toys should be located in one place, so you need to think about this moment. You can make a wardrobe with open shelves so that children can fold toys on the shelves.If it is not possible to put a wardrobe, you should purchase special children's bags (in the form of a frog or a dog, for example), where you can hide all the toys.

Do not forget that in the group the child spends most of the day, so they draw it up with colorful paintings and posters using cartoon characters.

Corner for parents

Parents should be provided with the following information:

  • advice on education and development. A poster or stand with this information.Decorate the gardenmust be in each group: they place it in the hall of the group so that every parent can get acquainted with it.
  • menu. The nutrition of children is also important, so parents should know what their child eats during the day. It can also be decorated using beautiful pictures.

In addition, at exhibitions, parents will be able to get acquainted with the works of children.

If we make a group in kindergarten on our own (without state assistance), we can also bring in parents and parents who will help create a cozy and homely atmosphere for their children.