How to make a nail?

The dream of every girl is well-groomed and beautiful nails, the correct form and a good manicure can turn women's hands into an elegant and sophisticated work of art.

But, unfortunately, not every girl from nature is given good natural marigolds, even after a lot of manicure procedures their shape and condition can remain close to satisfactory.

These marigolds you can do with your own hands

To correct this sad absurdity is quite realistic, the procedure of artificial nail extensions is far from new, many girls and women are seriously interested in or have long resorted to the procedure of self-growth.

After all, it turns out, having certain practical skills and a number of theoretical knowledge, it is possible to avoid constant trips to the nail salon.

What is, in essence, a nail extension? This is a plastic plate that completely repeats your natural nail shape or slightly corrects it.

Such marigolds look natural, if, of course, to resort to reasonable lengths and decorating the nail plate. In addition, the extended nails do not require special care, it is enough to visit your master once or twice a month and make corrections, and the rest of the time they will look as if you just left the salon.

This, of course, is a huge advantage of artificial nails over natural ones, which you need to take care of several times a week to make the manicure look perfect, and the chance to break or damage the nail plate is much higher.

Jewelry can be different

Such procedures for creating nails are simply necessary for girls who do not have their own good by nature, this is especially true on the eve of some important event, wedding or birthday, for example, when you especially want to look perfect.

Most often, two basic materials are used for such procedures - acrylic and gel - each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages, its own specific features and methods of use.

In order to figure out how to properly build up your nails with gel or acrylic, you need to master all these theoretical aspects, and then, of course, practice a few times if you decide to do this procedure yourself.

Immediately, we’ll warn you, the first time, few people get perfect, but patience and work will help you to achieve the desired result, then you will not only be able to build up your nails, but also your friends, who know, maybe future clients.

Nail Art Myths

Among many girls there is a perception that building up artificial nail plates is a very harmful procedure for your own nails. We can confidently say that this opinion is wrong, it turns out that everything is in the hands of your master, if the procedure is carried out correctly, then there can be no problems.

The most important thing is not to remove the extended nail plates on your own, it is important to resort to a special procedure - the fingers simply fall into a special liquid, after which the plate is easily separated from the natural plate.

The next moment to be feared is careful treatment with disinfectants before applying an artificial layer.

The main thing to get experience

All bacteria and microbes are left alone under the acrylic or helium layer with your nail plate, if they are not removed before building, they will multiply and parasitize.

One can only imagine how after such a natural nails will look.Another common myth is “gel is better than acrylic, the first strengthens and nourishes the natural nail, and the second material only harms”.

This is a common nonsense, because gel and acryl are the materials of one group, are very similar in composition, and differ only in the method of drying (the gel dries out only under the action of a UV-llama, acryl on its own) and the acrid smell.

Tools and materials for nail

You will need a lot of materials.

  • The first necessity is a UV lamp, which is simply necessary for building the nails with gel; a device with a capacity of 37 watts is sufficient. In the case of building acrylic can be purchased and a more primitive version with a capacity of 9 W, it is useful for drying the finish coating.
  • Saws For this procedure, they must also be special: with a high grain size of 80 grit for acrylic, and 100 grit for the gel. You will also need a soft nail file for polishing the irregularities and visible irregularities of the enlarged nails.
  • Any build-up of nail plates is carried out in two main ways: on forms or on tips. Tips helps those girls who have their nails very short, then they enclose such a plate, which repeats the shape of the nail and builds up on it.Forms are used in the presence of natural, at least a short length, nails.
  • Tips are very long, in order to achieve the required length, you will have to purchase a special tip cutter (forceps for shortening the tips).
  • Special brushes: when using acrylic - natural and artificial flat for gel. Also, a special glue will be needed, with which the tips will be attached.
  • Primer - is necessary for reliable adhesion of an artificial plate with a natural surface.
  • A good disinfectant that wipes not only hands, but also most of the tools.
  • Building gel in the case of building gel.
  • Components for acrylic extensions - acrylic powder and liquid (liquid monomer).
  • Orange stick.
  • Topcoat.
  • Healing oil.

How to independently grow nails at home?

The very first action is cleansing the hands and each nail plate from bacteria and germs using a special disinfectant.

After that, it is necessary to treat the cuticle: put a softening compound on it and, after waiting some time, we begin to push back the extra cuticle with the help of an orange stick.

Now it is necessary to carry out preliminary processing, for this we take a coarse-grained nail file and cut off the entire top layer of a natural plate, the polishing procedure is carried out with light and careful movements in order not to damage the nail and the cuticle. The excess dust, which is formed in the process of such processing, is removed with a special brush or brush.

Stylish design

The next stage - the lubrication of all nail plates with a primer, gently, do not touch the skin. We wait until the liquid dries and apply it again.

Now it's time to decide on the procedure of nail extension, if on tips, then gently lubricate the nail and apply it, press it, but with the form it is somewhat more difficult.

We install it on the phalanx of the finger, check that it is located exactly under the corners of the nail, so they will last longer, make sure that it takes a natural and correct bend of the natural nail plate.

Work with the material: if the gel is building up, then the next step is applying primer and bonder (in any case) on natural nail, now the bonder is dried under a UV lamp, the main thing is not to overdry, no more than 2 minutes, depends on it quality new nails.

Now we form the nail plate itself: we wet the brush in liquid and take a small ball of acrylic powder, put it on the form and distribute it on the nail plate.

The thickest layer - approximately in the center of the nail plate, thinner towards the edge of the nail plate - so the enlarged nail will look more natural. If you applied a gel with a brush, it should be dried under a UV lamp. After another layer of gel is applied, the necessary shape and length is given.

The last stage is the application of murals and decor, topcoat and nail decoration with various elements. The general procedure of building takes about 3 hours.

In principle, this procedure is not so complicated. The main thing to try, because the only way you will gain experience, and with it the perfect nails.

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