How to make a paper airplane?

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How to make a paper airplane?

A paper airplane is one of the simplest crafts that will always please the kids and can serve as an excellent decoration for a child’s room or, say, a Christmas tree. There are lots of ways to fold a plane out of a sheet of paper, consider some of them.

Depending on how exactly the airplane is folded, it receives certain aerodynamic properties. We invite you to independently evaluate the capabilities of each “model” and choose the one you like.

First way

Perhaps the easiest, classic way to make a paper airplane quickly and easily.

  1. Take an A4 sheet, fold it in half in a vertical line. Bend back to original position.
  2. Now fold the upper ends of the sheet inwards towards the middle, so that a neat triangle forms at the top of the sheet. Hereinafter in all instructions, make all the bends as evenly as possible and smooth them smoothly. This will positively affect the flying properties of crafts.
  3. Now make a couple more bends - one on each side. In the middle of the middle, both halves of the leaf will have to close without overlap.
  4. The angle at the top of the sheet has become, as you noticed, more acute. Now bend it to yourself so that the top falls on the lower part of the adjoining halves (those that we put in paragraph 3).
  5. Now fold the structure in half, inside (with which we worked) upward.
  6. Each wing you will need to once again folded in half - so that the projection was formed, due to which the airplane will fly through the air. Done!

Second way

  1. Take an A4 sheet, fold it in half vertically and unbend it again to its original position.
  2. Bend the upper corners inward. Make sure that the inner side touches each other without overlap.paper airplane
  3. Now retreat from the formed large triangle about 1 cm and fold the sheet so that the top of the large triangle does not reach the bottom edge of the sheet by about 1.5-2 cm. Note that after these manipulations you should form a rectangle, not a square.
  4. Now bend the two upper corners inward again to form another triangle.
  5. From under its base should peep the top of the previous triangle. Fold it up.
  6. Fold the structure in half with the inside out. Each wing bend in half. Done!

Third way

  1. Take a sheet of A4 paper. Fold it in half vertically, straighten it.
  2. Now fold in half horizontally, expand. Fold the top half in half.
  3. Bend the right and left upper corners down - so that triangles form on the sides.paper airplane
  4. Now fold this top of the sheet in half (left to right).
  5. Turn the sheet to your other side.
  6. Bend the sheet in half vertically.
  7. Bend the upper right corner down and straighten.
  8. Now you need to open the top edge of the product - the bend made in the previous step will help you with this.
  9. Bend the upper part of the product - you already have the necessary fold lines for this, you do not need any new ones.
  10. Now it remains to form the wings. To do this, first bend to the right and slightly obliquely the top of the product.
  11. Turn the product over and do the same with the left wing (watch for symmetry).