How to make a paper cat?

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How to make a paper cat?

Oriental art of origami is the manufacture of various figures from sheets of paper. By adding a sheet of white or colored paper, you can make any shape, even a cat. But how to make a cat out of paper? After all, it seems quite complicated. Consider the detailed instructions for this origami:

Instructions: cat - paper origami

Take a square sheet of paper with a size of exactly 15 × 15 centimeters. Fold the sheet diagonally once, now flatten it and fold it again, but in the other direction. As a result, we get the folds on the diagonals of the figures. Bend one side to the center and mark the fold, and then bend the back side angle to the mark made. Turn everything on the other side and bend the left and right side to the middle. The result should be folded square. Now you need to unbend it and fold it, on the corners formed the other way round, that is, the other side.

Bend the corner to the top. Then fold the left corner to the right side and bend it 2 times, then straighten it, fold lines are required. The same operation you should do from the right corner.Spread the inner square, the same as the previous action we did, so that we would get the folds. Then connect the top edge with the bottom in one line. Bend the corner of the bend, that he was pointed. Do this with one side, then the other. As a result, a square should form, in the upper part there should be a triangle.

Over the edge of the triangle formed, pull and shape your cat's ears along the fold lines that you made earlier. First, on the one, then also on the second side. It should be a head with ears.

Fold the corner of the ladder twice to get the nose of the future koto. Carefully iron each bend line. A cat made of paper with their own hands is almost ready, the last stage remains, the most difficult, just show a little patience.

Now we begin to form the body of the figure. To do this, turn over the usual blank, fold it in half and then unbend to form a special fold. Bend the left and right corners towards the center. Then the bottom corner is up, to get the fold. Extend it and sharpen the angle by bending the edges. Bend the craft so that you get the body and tail of the cat.After that, only the volume should be given to the figure. Start from the back, gradually moving to the neck, then the legs of our crafts. Slide your finger under the paws, with the other finger you can comfortably straighten the shape to give it the appropriate volume. Congratulations, now the hand-made article is a cat made of paper. And she will be able to decorate your room. If you still do not understand how to make this difficult figure, and you terribly liked the origami paper “cat”, the video on the Internet will greatly simplify your task.