How to make a postcard from September 1 for teachers with their own hands - photo

How to make a postcard from September 1 for teachers with their own hands - photoThe celebration of September 1 is a special event for all students, the day of Knowledge. What can be done as a gift for teachers on the first of September is a task not only for students, but rather for their parents. Make a postcard!


Independently, with his own hands. Homemade things will always please more than bought in stores. And for a beloved teacher it is a great joy to accept a gift created by the student himself.


How to make a postcard from the first of September - instructions


Materials for postcards: you can make it with the help of whatman paper, and colored cardboard (thin). Postcards, magazines with the image of flowers, various ribbons, candy wrappers, multi-colored confetti and paper for wrapping gifts will not be superfluous - in short, everything that is an attribute of a festive atmosphere is useful.


This postcard can then be put in an envelope, but then it is necessary to adjust the size of the postcard to the envelope you need. If you do not need it, make a postcard from September 1 of any size.


1.Take an envelope and a piece of whatman paper (thin cardboard) and determine the size of your future postcard. To do this, cut off the part of the paper in width and height - small strips of 5-7 mm, so as a result we get a rectangle that is slightly smaller in dimensions than the envelope, both in width and height. Thus, you will make the basis of your congratulatory crafts.

How to make a postcard from September 1 for teachers with their own hands - photo


A little practical advice: do not use a pencil to draw cutting lines. Make them better with the edge of a knife or scissors, of course, under the ruler. Do not press hard when cutting the strips. Thanks to the scissors line, you have a smooth aesthetic edge.


2. But at this stage the preparation of the base does not end. It is necessary to postpone 2 heights (4 centimeters from each other) and then in the same way as when cutting (see above), make lines with scissors instead of a pencil or pen (according to this instruction, the envelope height is 10 cm and the resulting base of the postcard: 9-9.5 cm. Accordingly, if you have an envelope that is large, then make the distance between the lines larger).


3. Now we need to fold the blank postcard volume accordion.Let's clarify: in the course of work on the second item, we postponed 2 lines of 4 cm, one after another. The result was three “invisible” strips on the workpiece. Everything, the basis is made. Now cut the hearts out of colored paper or candy wrappers.


Practice to begin with on a draft, because the shape of the heart is not so simple from the first time to do it accurately and correctly. How can you be sure that you can beautifully cut, take for the purest. Make a couple more hearts, it is desirable that each subsequent was less than the previous one.

How to make a postcard from September 1 for teachers with their own hands - photo


4. The most interesting stage is sticking hearts on a blank postcard. Stick on the card on the "steps" in order of reduction, on the hearts themselves, you can pre-write congratulations on the first of September and good wishes to teachers. The postcard is ready.


You can make a postcard using all the paper. Such a creation will surely enjoy all its uniqueness. In addition to hearts add leaves, circles, confetti and images of different colors.


If such an odd job is planned by the whole class, then it is desirable that one of the students make the foundation and hearts, and everyone else will paint them the way they want. After that, you will need to glue the finished hearts in order of reduction.