How to make a ship in Minecraft?

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How to make a ship in Minecraft?

The game Minecraft gives great opportunities to any gamer. You can hunt, play in survival, destroy other activities in it, but perhaps the main goal of the game is to create new buildings and things. Now many gamers in the game are able to build anything from palaces to dugouts. However, not every player knows how to make a ship in Minecraft and how to make it sail.

Consider this interesting question.

How to build a ship in Minecraft

Building a good, good-quality ship is not an easy thing, here you need to have some resources, namely a lot of wood, time to build and spatial imagination. However, the latter is not necessary, because the ship can be rebuilt as many times as necessary.

Here are some simple tips for a newbie who wants to build a ship.

  • You need to build a ship on the water. To do this, it is better to choose an open large body of water, then to sail it anywhere.Otherwise you will have to cut through the passage of the ship at will;
  • The frame of the ship is best done in the form of a rectangle with rounded corners. At the same time, the frame width should be odd in order to be able to put the mast in the middle of the ship, and also to build a symmetrical beautiful nose. It is also desirable to make a ship of large width, so that inside it can accommodate many rooms and things;
  • Feed is done with the extension of the second row, and then rises to the height of the bow. Then just lift the side;
  • Carefully plan the layout of the cabins. If necessary, this can be done during the construction of the frame;
  • Along the edges of the ship, you can make a fence for beauty.

You can also take the real equivalent of any ship and play it in the game.

What mods are needed to sail a ship

In order that the ship could float on water, you can use two simple modes

  • for small ships 16x16x16;
  • for ships bigger.

The second mod adds to the game four control units for the ship, which are crafted from conventional resources in Minecraft. The second mod also determines the blocks from which the ship is built.Therefore, it is important to use wood during construction to make the ship sail. However, it is possible to change blocks via mod.