How to make a title page?

Oksana Vasilyeva
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How to make a title page?

The title page of any scientific work is her face. And they meet, as you know, by their clothes. So, it is the title page, designed according to all the rules, that will create a positive impression about your work, be it a report, dissertation, course paper or a thesis. What are the rules? Where to find them? How to make a title page? Let's start in order.

The structure and requirements for the design of the title page of the work performed by the student are governed by documents approved by a specific educational institution. However, the general requirements for registration are still there, as they are developed on the basis of orders of the Ministry of Education and state standards.

Before you make a title page, specify if your school has approved requirements for the design of scientific papers. If not, follow the general rules.

Information on the title page

The following information is indicated on the title (first) page of the essay, course work or graduation project.

"Cap" (top) of the title page:

  • full official name of the educational institution;
  • full name of the department.

Page Center:

  • name of the discipline;
  • the name of the topic of the course work, thesis project or essay;
  • surname, name and patronymic of the author of the work (student);
  • information about the course, group, form of study;
  • surname, name and patronymic of the project manager or teacher indicating the position and degree.

"Basement" (bottom) of the title page:

  • city;
  • year.

Text options

Text parameters are regulated by the state standard -.

  • The title page is made on white A4 paper.
  • The text is located only on one side of the sheet.
  • The title page is not numbered, but the numbering of the next page of the work begins with the number 2.
  • Page orientation of the title page book.
  • Margins of the page of the title page: 30 mm left, 10 mm right, 20 mm upper, 25 mm lower.
  • The text on the title page is typed in Times New Roman, the font size is 14.

To better understand how to make a title page, look at samples of the design of the title page,.