How to make a torch in minecraft?

Lyubov Polishchuk
Lyubov Polishchuk
February 19, 2013
How to make a torch in minecraft?

In the game, the torch is a light emitting block. It is installed on an opaque block from above or from the side. If a player knows how to make a torch in Minecraft, it means that he can always protect himself from unfriendly mobs at night, have his own source of light and the ability to spawn friendly mobs at night.

In addition, using gravitational blocks (gravel, sand) and a torch, gateways and various traps can be made. The heat radiated from the torch burning will be residual for melting snow and ice near it. With the help of a pumpkin and a torch, you can create your own Jack Lamp.

How to make a torch in Minecraft

In order to make a torch in the game world of Minecraft, you need to place a wooden stick and a piece of coal in the crafting grid. Crafting will result in four torches.

Quite another question, where do you get the coal and the stick? They are also created by the player themselves. Wood is first made boards, and from them - sticks.Found coal ore is smelted to produce coal. Now the player has the opportunity to make a torch.

Red torch

In Minecraft, a red torch is a unit that is used as a power source for red wires and is used to activate various mechanisms.

With the help of a red torch, the red wires located near are ignited. The torch is turned off, if to the block fixed on it, to bring the switched on red wire. If you frequently turn the torch on and off several times in a row, it will eventually turn off, and may also be destroyed.

Due to the fact that the red torch exudes light two times less than an ordinary torch, it is not recommended to use it as a lighting mechanism. The red torch is not a hindrance to the spawn of hostile mobs.

It is more difficult to extract red ore, which is necessary for crafting red torch, than coal, because a better pick will be needed, and the proximity of lava is dangerous. It creates a red torch in a proportional ratio of 1: 1, while the usual - 1: 4.