How to make a wall of plasterboard

You will need
  • - metallic profile,
  • - drywall,
  • - self-tapping screws
  • - roulette,
  • - a knife on drywall,
  • - dowel-nails,
  • - perforator.
Align the walls. To do this, apply a layer of cement mortar to the walls, then level it and wait until it is completely dry. Mark the future wall. It is best to use a simple pencil and building level: first measure both sides of the wall, and then the floor and ceiling.
Attach the profile guides along the laid out markup to the wall. Then drill a hole through every 0.3 m hole with a drill and attach the profile to the walls, floor and ceiling with nails.
Cut the main profiles according to the height of your future walls, and try to connect all the elements so that there are no gaps. When assembled, install them at a distance of 0.6 m from each other along the entire length of the pier. Profile screw screws.
Install the crossbar above the door. To do this, cut two profiles with a length of 0.59 m, and secure them with self-tapping screws. Carry out the wiring and pipes during the work inside the frame.
Screw drywall on one side of the wall. To do this, use screws 2.5 cm long. The process is carried out strictly at an angle of 90 degrees, slightly pushing the screw head into the sheetdrywallby 1-2 mm. The ends of the laid wires need to be released outside.
Insert foam or mineral wool between the profiles, this will create the effect of noise insulation and heat insulation. At the same time carefully make sure that all the space between the profiles was filled.
Make a doorway in the sheet. To do this, you need to remove the dimensions of the opening with a ruler and a construction pencil. Cut the opening with a hacksaw or a sharp knife, but it’s best to use a jigsaw. Take a jigsaw and cut the opening along the lines you have drawn. Attach to the frame sheets of drywall on the back side of the partition.
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Helpful advice
When horizontal joints sheets of drywall should be placed strictly in a checkerboard pattern.This procedure will protect you from the problems associated with the destruction of the top layer of putty on the walls.