How to make an appointment?

Communication ethics is a kind of unwritten set of rules that dictates a particular behavior depending on the situation of interaction between people. It is no secret that business interaction will differ from personal interaction. With gross violations of the rules, you can gain the status of a person incompetent in communication. This, in turn, will lead you to the deprivation of social functions. That is, it will be harder for you to establish a good trusting relationship with this or that person. That is why we believe that knowledge about the rules of communication of people is the most important in the arsenal of each. Our article will answer the question of how to make an appointment. This aspect is only a small part of the whole process of communication, but this does not reduce its importance. So:

Make an appointment correctly

Let's start by answering the question of how to make an appointment by phone. Most of the rules of telephone communication will be relevant and in communication directly personal.

  • The first thing to do is to establish contact with your interlocutor. As a rule, there is a usual greeting for this, preferably with a raised intonation.
  • After that, you need to identify who you are, if a person does not know with whom he is talking.
  • Explain your purpose of the call to the interlocutor.
  • Inquire about whether a meeting on this issue is possible in principle, and whether it is necessary at all. Perhaps this issue can be solved remotely.
  • Ask the other party about when he can meet and where best to do it. Do not forget to tell about your plans. If you are talking to a person of higher social status, then it is you who will have to adjust your plans to his schedule. If you are talking to a person in an equal position, you should come to a convenient option for everyone. It also depends on whose need is being met. If you are a party that needs something, then you should take the initiative. If you are the one who can help a person, you can dictate your conditions for a meeting.
  • After the completion of negotiations, say everything that you have come to. This will be the purpose of the meeting, its place and time.
  • Complete contact with the interlocutor by saying goodbye to him.

How to schedule an appointment for a client? This question asks those who seek to provide their services to the client and do it as correctly as possible. Remember that clients are the main link in your profits.One absurd meeting can result in ten lost clients due to the spread of a negative rumor about your incompetence. When you schedule a meeting, the client should consider their own schedule and the client’s schedule. First of all, you need to offer the time and place that will suit you, since it is you who are able to satisfy the need of the client. The client will be able to adapt to you if he really needs your services. The tone of the conversation should be businesslike and calm, especially when it comes to a possible conflict situation. It is not in your interest to connect emotions. After the conversation, it is also necessary to fix the result and speak with the client, the purpose, time and place of the meeting.

Well, finally, let's talk about personal relationships. How to appoint a man a meeting? Remember that in society it is accepted to yield to a woman. However, one should not use this and force a man to meet at an inconvenient time for him. It is best to choose in a direct dialogue the place where you are pleased to be, and discuss time. The nature of personal meetings is such that they do not require clear rules.Therefore, etiquette dictates the appearance at the meeting place at exactly the appointed hour or with a fifteen minute delay.

A man should invite a woman, considering all her activities and free time. It is best to call for her by car and pick up from home.

Here is such etiquette, dear reader. Remember that no matter how the negotiations about the meeting, you need to discuss all the details in order to avoid unpleasant misunderstandings.