How to make your eyes beautiful?

Eyes for every woman are the main weapon, the mirror of the soul. Beautiful eyes - a gift of nature, which must be preserved. Expressive eyes give women a face charm and mystery. A very important aspect of beautiful eyes is to care for them. And all because for all of us the eyes are not just a look, but also a state of health, mood, spiritual comfort and a person’s character. Therefore, eye care is a very important element of cosmetic procedures for any girl.

Natural beauty

How to make eyes beautiful without makeup? There are a number of recipes for herbal remedies that will add beauty and health to the eyes:

  • If you have “bags” under your eyes, it is best to make compresses from parsley greens. Chop the leaves finely and place on the eyes, pressing down on top with a damp cotton swab. Take off after 15 minutes.
  • Swelling under the eyes reduce potato masks. Boil the potatoes in a uniform. When it becomes warm, just cut it with a knife and apply to your eyes for 30 minutes.
  • Compresses of tea help remove fatigue and redness from the eyes.Take two tea bags, pour boiling water over them and put in the freezer for 3 minutes. Then put compresses over your eyes for 10 minutes. After the procedure, wash with cool water and enjoy the clarity of the look.

In any house there are always vegetables. Therefore, such natural masks are not a problem, and your eyes will be healthy and beautiful. Much of the look depends on the eyelashes, which also need care. Lubricate your eyelashes every evening with castor oil or vitamin A. After two weeks, the result will surprise: the eyelashes will become longer, stronger and stop falling out.

How to make your eyes more beautiful with Photoshop? If you need a beautiful photo, and your eyes are tired, expressionless, or just plain ugly, you can use one trick to add brightness and attractiveness to your eyes:

  • Open your photo in the program and make a copy of it. To do this: take your photo and drag it onto a white sheet of paper near the basket. The copy will be marked in yellow.
  • Take the pen tool and circle your eye.
  • Next, you need to click on the “pen” tool and select the “corner”, with which you can correct all the irregularities of the figure that you have previously drawn.
  • With the same tool, right-click on the photo and select the item “form a selected area”. Set the feathering on 4 pixels and press "ok". You have highlighted the drawn part of the picture. Click on the image: correction, contrast and brightness. Pick the most appropriate parameters, looking at the changes in the eyes.
  • After all, repeat the procedure with the second eye.

So you get a photo with a bright look that will captivate everyone with the beauty of your eyes.


In order for your look at once beautifully and effectively to look at the photos, in life you need to understand how to make your eyes beautiful with makeup. For different types of eyes it is necessary to select an individual makeup style:

  • Small eyes. Enlarged eyes can be achieved using dark shadows. Above the upper fold of the eyelid, it is necessary to apply such shadows with a thin layer. To increase the volume, just strongly paint the eyelashes with black ink. Do not put strokes on the eyelids and hard contours.
  • Big eyes. Any makeup will do. But remember one subtlety - do not paint your eyelashes too much, because the eyes will become very large, and this will not give them beauty.
  • Slightly bulging eyes. Apply dark shadows on the edges of the eyelids so that they go to naught around the superciliary arches. Use a contour pencil to lower the lower edges of the eyelashes and darken the dark shadows. Then paint the eyelashes with dark mascara. In this case, never use light shades with a metallic sheen.
  • Horizontal cuts of the eyes. From the middle of your century draw a light line that will expand outwardly. It is necessary to apply a large amount of mascara on the eyelashes.

Remember that hygiene will help to make eyes more beautiful. Do not be lazy every day to flush cosmetics from your eyes. Do this with a cotton pad that is dipped in vegetable oil, or use special lotions to remove makeup. Here, too, you need to know some subtleties:

  • Apply lotion on a cotton pad.
  • Apply the discs to your eyes for a few seconds.
  • Never rub your eyes, because then this habit will lead to early wrinkles.

Girls, remember that from nature you are endowed with a beautiful look and beautiful eyes.