How to make fall in love?

Every girl at that beautiful moment when she meets the guy of her dreams is asked only one question: how to make this guy fall in love? Often, men attend obsessive ideas about how to make a girl fall in love with herself. The science of love is a very delicate and delicate discipline, but in this world, events always evolve according to established laws. Having studied them, you can get close to yourself the object of your adoration, and there already the most complicated formula of love will seem like an elementary example for first-graders. So, let's deal with the military-love tactics for each sex.

He will not leave! How to make a guy fall in love

There is no one recipe to make a man fall in love. But there are general rules that every day will bring the object of your sigh to you.

  • Look good. After this phrase, most girls, especially those who are younger, rush to beauty salons and shops for tons of cosmetics. Looking good in this case means looking well-groomed and natural.Exercise more, eat right, take care of your skin and hair - and your blooming look will not be overlooked.
  • Stay mysterious. Do not rush to instantly put on the poor guy information about all your school awards and all sorts of hobbies that you enjoyed. Give him the information in small portions and do not spoil the impression of excessive chatter.
  • Surprise. That's where you can dissolve your tongue, so it is in the stories about their unusual hobbies. Are you keen on skydiving? Grow a rare plant species? Do you collect vinyl records? Both guys and girls like extraordinary personalities, so hurry to surprise.
  • Maintain. You do not understand football, and the object of your desire avid fan? Make football and your favorite sport, understand the rules, find out all about his favorite team. Read the books he likes, listen to the music he loves, make a movie marathon of his favorite movies. The more you know about his hobbies, the better you will know him, and the easier it will be for you to endear him.
  • The fashion of the mind.Girls whose area of interest and knowledge does not go beyond the brands of clothing and cosmetics, have long been unpopular with guys. The female mind is the most powerful weapon in the struggle for the male heart. Of course, it is impossible to become fully developed in one week, but there is nothing that cannot be done with time. Read, learn, develop, and conquer your prince.
  • Wait with intimacy. Girls who believe that the key to the heart of a man lies through the primary sexual signs, and if to speak differently, through the bed, is fundamentally wrong. Sex is the biggest intrigue that needs to be delayed, as the climax in an interesting book. Do not rush to reduce your relationship to sex, first enjoy relationships purely platonic. And for a guy such an expectation will only stir up interest.
  • Subscriber is not available. Allow yourself to sometimes miss his call, be late for a date, smile at a familiar man. A little cause for jealousy will not prevent the strengthening of relationships. But do not overdo it - why do you need Venetian passions?
  • Do not bother. Be clear on what stage of your relationship with a guy you are and do not show excessiverequirements. Do not be annoying and demanding - this is the right step to break, but not to the quivering love. Wait with claims to a more serious stage of your relationship.

She could not resist! How to make a girl fall in love

  • Patience and perseverance. Girls are extremely strange creatures. And if she says no to you, that no can have hundreds of different meanings. Be able to distinguish a flirtatious refusal, which will soon grow into an agreement from a firm, peremptory "turn from the gate." In the first case, continue to seek its soft sabotage, in the second - it is better to leave it for an indefinite period without your annoying attention.
  • Surprise. As mentioned above, people like non-standard personalities. But in the case of a girl it will not be enough just words. If you cook tasty food, feed your chosen one to demonstrate the rightness of your words. Do you sing well? Show it not in words, but in deeds. This will have a much greater effect.
  • Cheer her up. Good sense of humor - 50% success with a girl. Girls are very fond of smart men, who also have the ability to laugh.Know how to cheer her up, make a compliment in time, a witty remark.
  • Keep your word. If you have promised something to the girl - break into a cake, but do it. Violation of the male word - a sin that is not forgiven by the representatives of the weaker sex. They promised - do the blood out of your nose, otherwise the girl instantly loses her confidence, and with it respect for you. The same goes for lies. After a lie is discovered, the girl will lose all interest in you, or she will keep a grudge that will surely sooner or later pour out on you.
  • Behind the stone wall. Girls love men who set goals, achieve them, take initiative and are able to support. Hardness in words and in one�s own opinion, strong-willed strong decisions - it bribes women.
  • Watch out for yourself. For girls is very important appearance of the guy who goes next to her. Therefore, be neat, watch your appearance, personal hygiene and cleanliness of your clothes.