How to make hair dark

Very strong ground coffee (not soluble), which you will use as a hair rinse for at least two to three weeks, will give your hair a velvety chestnut color. For a brighter color, you can use a mixture in the form of a slurry of brewed coffee and henna in equal quantities. This mixture is applied to the hair before washing for several hours, the hair after its application must be wrapped.
You can also brew 1-2 liters of strong tea (the stronger, the darker the color) and rinse your washed hair. If this procedure is done regularly, even for a few weeks, the hair color will become much darker, they will be shiny and healthy.
Broth oak bark, this tool is in any pharmacy. Pour a handful of bark with two or three glasses of water and boil for half an hour. Then filter and use as a hair rinse. After two or three weeks of application, the hair color turns dark brown.
Basma is a natural dye derived from plant leaves.It does not harm the hair, stimulates their growth, strengthens the roots, gives the hair shine and well-groomed appearance. Basmu is usually used in a mixture with another vegetable dye - henna. By varying their proportions, you can get a variety of shades of color - from light chestnut to radically black. The process of henna hair dye with basma is simple and will help to make the hair dark for a long time. The mixture of powders of these dyes is thoroughly mixed with hot water until a slurry forms and is applied to the hair. After 15-30 minutes, the hair should be thoroughly washed and rinsed with acidified water.
Shampoos, balms and tonics to give hair a shade also do not harm the hair. They can be bought at any cosmetics store.