How to make red wine?

Irina Saprykina
Irina Saprykina
September 8, 2014
How to make red wine?

When you want to please your guests and loved ones with good wine, you do not have to buy it in the store. You can make a tasty and healthy drink yourself, and from simple ingredients. The benefits will be double:

  1. Homemade wine will definitely be without prohibited additives.
  2. You can make different wines and create your own collection.

What makes red wine?

Before you learn how to make red wine, you need to find out what it is made of. Experts in the field of wine, on account of which there is not one bottle of homemade drink, argue that it can be prepared from any red berries (raspberries, cherries, dark grapes, black and red currants, etc.). You can even make wine from already processed fruits and berries. This is described in the article - How to make wine from jam.

Homemade Red Wine Recipes

Immediately before starting work, it is necessary to prepare glassware, and if there is, then earthenware. All devices involved in the process must be wooden.Metal will not work, because the juice of berries can oxidize iron, and the wine will have an unpleasant taste. The following recipes will allow you to make different wines.

Red grape wine


  • grapes - 6 kg;
  • water - 8 l;
  • sugar - 1 kg.

Preparation Procedure:

  1. Mash grapes, add 300 g of sugar and leave for 24 hours in a warm place (the juice should separate well).
  2. A day later, pour the syrup, boiled out of water and 700 g of sugar, into a container. Leave a wander.
  3. Upon completion of this process, the wine is filtered and bottled. If instead of sugar to use honey, then the wine will have a peculiar taste.

Other recipes you will find in the article - How to make wine from grapes.

Raspberry Red Wine

To make this drink you will need

  • water - 1 l;
  • raspberry berries - 1 l;
  • sugar - 0.5 kg.

An important condition - raspberries can not be washed! Since this drink is completely natural, it does not contain yeast. They will be replaced by bacteria from the surface of the berries, which will support fermentation. With more berries, the proportions of this recipe should be increased.

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. Raspberry berries knead, add 290 g of sugar and 700 ml of water.
  2. A glove is put on the container (with a hole in one finger) or a water seal is used (not essential).
  3. Leave to wander days 10.
  4. Filter out, add sugar and water again, 70 g and 300 ml, respectively. Give wander another four days.
  5. The remaining 140 g of sugar is divided in half and poured into wine at intervals of three days.
  6. At the end of fermentation, the glove is deflated, the wine is defended and filtered, after which it is bottled.
  7. Tightly close the neck and insist for several months.