How to make spring candy with violet

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We are looking forward to the spring heat, but so far we are only seeing timid hints on sunny days. Therefore, I suggest that you try to create your spring mood with these amazingly sweet lilacs with violets according to the recipe ofHeather. She, through trial and error, determined what kind of plants can be used for food. After experiments on his stomach, the list of edible plants is as follows: basil, chamomile, hibiscus, forest violet, lavender, marigolds, pansies, roses, violet fragrant.

In addition,Heatherencourages you to use only those flowers in which you can be sure - flowers from organic shops, friends' gardens or your own garden, do not take the time to use flowers near busy roads!


Spring candies

Spring Candy

What we need:

  • shape for flat candy or a jar with a rounded bottom and icing sugar;
  • sugar for caramel, as well as food coloring if desired;
  • washed and dried flowers of suitable size;
  • candy sticks.