How to make sushi at home?

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How to make sushi at home?

Sushi is a traditional dish of Japanese cuisine. Preparing it yourself is easy. All necessary products can be purchased at the store. Let's talk more about how to make sushi at home.

Cooking ingredients for sushi

To prepare a Japanese dish at home, you will need the following ingredients:

  • 500 grams of rice;
  • 750 ml of water;
  • one sheet of nori;
  • rice vinegar (70 ml);
  • three tablespoons of sugar;
  • one tablespoon of salt;
  • soy sauce;
  • wasabi;
  • 250 g salmon or tuna;
  • 150 grams of cheese;
  • 50 g of crab sticks;
  • one fresh cucumber.

Rice is best to use special - Japanese. As a rule, it is available for sale in small packaging, weighing half a kilo. Forty or fifty sushi can be made from one packet of rice. Ordinary rice can also be used. The most important thing is to cook it properly.

Cooking rice for sushi

Rice is the main ingredient of the Japanese dish. To make sushi tasty and juicy, it must be properly cooked. Salt and spices are not used.

First of all, rice needs to be washed.To do this, fill it with cool water. Stir the rice with your hand to get rid of the starch from the rice grains. Drain and repeat this procedure several times until the water is clear and transparent. Change the water in the end will have somewhere seven or eight times.

Carefully drain all the water. Pour boiling water over rice (about seven hundred and fifty grams) and put on fire. Within five minutes, rice must be cooked over high heat. After that, reduce the heat and cook the rice for fifteen minutes. It is not recommended to stir the rice or open the lid.

sushiWhen the rice is cooked, leave it in the pan for ten minutes to “reach” the desired state.

When the rice has cooled, it must be soaked with special seasoning.

How to make seasoning for rice

Making rice seasoning is easy. It is necessary in rice vinegar or apple (5%)sushiadd salt and sugar. Heat the vinegar over low heat. This is necessary for the complete dissolution of salt and sugar. After that seasoning should cool. This mixture is not desirable to boil.

Saturate all the rice with this seasoning. If desired, seasoning for rice can be purchased at the store.

Sushi filling

For the filling, you can use the sea fish mild salted or fresh. Slice it thinly. Peel the cucumber and cut it into thin and long sticks. Cut the crab sticks and cheese. Smoked salmon can also be used for the filling. It goes well with cheese and cucumber, as well as with crab sticks and avocados.

Making sushi at home

To make sushi at home, take a sheet of nori and place it on a special bamboo mat. Nori sheets are dried seaweed. They look like parchment in appearance. But once they absorb moisture, they immediately become soft.

Put the rice on the nori and evenly distribute it over the entire surface. Thicknesssushirice should be about half a centimeter. Leave two or three centimeters from the edge to glue the sushi.

Put a small amount of wasabi on the middle of the rice field. Wasabi is a light green paste. It tastes quite spicy. Therefore, it is not worth much to get involved in it. Only a few grams will be needed for spreading. Wasabi can also be served separately.

Put the stuffing on wasabi. It can be placed both in the center of the rice field and closer to the edge. If you put the stuffing closer to the edge, the sushi will be easier to roll up and be more accurate.

The filling should be tightly laid along the length of the entire roll, so that it rolls well.

Final stage

Lift the edge of the rug and, along with nori, rice and stuffing, wrap it in a roll. For even distribution of rice over the entire surface, it is necessary to lightly press on the bamboo mat. As a result, sushi should be smooth and beautiful.

After that, unfold the bamboo mat and use a sharp knife to cut the cylinder into small pieces.

Now you know how to make sushi at home.