How to make tea?

How sometimes it bothers to drink, which is obtained as a result of the interaction of a paper bag with tea dust inside and boiling water. How do you want an invigorating, astringent black tea, fragrant, fragrant green, or red karkade, giving a wonderful mood for the whole day. But after all, it is necessary to brew such tea correctly, in order to obtain true pleasure. So, we will understand how to brew tea: strong black, green, red.

Black tea, strong

It is known that a well-brewed black tea improves human performance, quenches thirst, helps digestion. You can drink tonic tea only until nine in the evening. Strong tea for the night can lead to insomnia, excessive irritability. The components of good strong tea are many, and you need to approach each of them seriously. Strongly brewed tea will be obtained if:

  • Take the spring water. Filtered water is also suitable.
  • Do not overdo water on fire. Of course, you have to wait for the bubbles to appear. But do not wait until the water begins to lose its "utility", boiling for 15 minutes.
  • Choose the right pot for brewing.This can be a earthenware, porcelain or ceramic teapot. The metal teapot is taboo.
  • Prepare the kettle for the procedure. To do this, warm it with boiling water, then wipe dry.
  • Take tea of ​​the highest grade, leaf. Quality welding is sold by weight in specialized stores or supermarkets.
  • Pour tea in the kettle, at the rate of 1 teaspoon per person + 1 teaspoon on top. For example, five cups need 6 teaspoons of tea leaves.
  • Pour boiling water over tea leaves. Close the kettle and cover it with a towel so that all the holes are covered. It is necessary to preserve the essential oils in the brew.
  • Wait 6-7 minutes.

ATTENTION!!! Repeated brewing of black tea in a few hours is prohibited. It may be hazardous to health.

Green tea, healthy

Yes, black tea perfectly invigorates the body and spirit, but green tea will bring more benefits to the body. Not only is green tea a natural antioxidant, it also contains vitamins and minerals vital for humans. In general, all the useful properties of green tea is not count. The drink turns out light green or colorless, transparent.Now more about how to brew green tea.

There are quite a few differences from the previous process:

  • Boiling water should be cooled to 700.
  • The first water is drained, we pour a new one
  • Tea leaves are ready in a minute.
  • The same batch of tea leaves can be used 5-6 times. The useful properties of this will not be less.

ATTENTION! Do not drink cold green tea. It is more harmful than useful.

Fragrant and bright hibiscus tea

So we talked about the most common tea drinks. It remains to mention no less useful and delicious tea - karkade. This tea is made from hibiscus flowers, has a pleasant red tint and sourish taste. It is able to excrete slags from the body, is rich in antioxidants, and is useful for vessels. And how much brew karkade tea? And what are the general characteristics of brewing this tea?

The fact is that karkade must be boiled, not brewed in the manner described earlier. To make a drink, boil 2 teaspoons of karkade in one cup of water for about 3 minutes. Then add sugar and cool.

You can cook cold red tea at all. To do this, infuse infusion in cold water for 8 hours.Well, sugar is added, for taste. Unlike green tea, hibiscus can and should be cooled.

Any of these drinks: strong brewed tea, green tea or hibiscus tea - can bring bliss to the gourmet who eats it. Drink tea all alone, or the whole family at a Sunday family breakfast, when the sun has just risen and nothing is in a hurry.