How to make TNT in Minecraft?

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How to make TNT in Minecraft?

TNT in Minecraft is trotyl or dynamite placed in a block. With it you can create a powerful explosion in the right place. Let us dwell on how to make TNT in Minecraft.

Creating TNT

To craft TNT, you need the following ingredients:

  • sand;
  • powder.

Find them easy enough. So, sand can be found at the bottom of ponds, in deserts and on beaches. Gunpowder will fall out after the destruction of the keeper. It can also be obtained from Gusta and the Witch. Often powder found in the chests, located in the treasury.

These ingredients should be placed in a craft grid as follows:

  • horizontally, the first row - the cells to the left and right are filled with gunpowder, and sand is placed between them;
  • the middle row horizontally - sand is located in the cells on the right and left, and gunpowder is placed in the center;
  • the bottom row - the cells on the left and right are filled with gunpowder, and sand is placed between them.

Ready TNT you can have in the mines for mining or on the battlefield, using them as mines. The detonation of dynamite occurs 4 seconds after its activation.

Also, to create TNT you can use red sand instead of usually. It is located in the Kraft grid in a similar way and is used in the same quantity. You can find it in the Table Mountains biome.

Creating TNT-guns

In Minecraft, the TNT gun is often used to fight mobs. Let us consider in detail the process of its creation:

  1. Find a flat platform. It should be located near the site of the shelling, since in the subsequent it will be impossible to move the TNT-gun.
  2. Take the obsidian and place it in the chosen place. It is necessary to create with it a construction of 10 blocks, where there should be an empty row in the middle in the shape of a letter T.
  3. Install the barrel on the design. You can make it from any solid block.
  4. Fill the resulting structure with water.
  5. Install two blocks of obsidian on the muzzle and repeaters. All this is filled with red dust, and in a convenient place, put the button.
  6. Put the TNT charge into the gun, now it will be ready for use. To start shelling enemies, you need to press the button and hold it until the opponents are destroyed.