Each of us wants to be nice and comfortable in our house, which is impossible without fresh and clean air. Without the use of special equipment, it is almost impossible to achieve this result, because due to the insulation and sealing of the house, access to fresh air is blocked and breathing in such a room becomes difficult and uncomfortable. For these reasons, proper ventilation in the house is very important for normal human life.

The range of fans is now filled with a variety of fans, which differ in type, placement method, etc. An inexperienced person can easily get lost in such a variety of ventagregaty, so before you choose one or another equipment, you need to carefully understand its features.

Efficiency of using air handling units

At this time, the most efficient ventilation equipment is the air handling unit with heat recovery.This is a reliable and high-performance technique that will not spoil the interior of the room, since it is hidden in the ceiling. In the air handling units there are 4 ventilation ducts, two of them work for air intake and exhaust, and the remaining 2 are responsible for supplying fresh air and exhaust air from the room. And this is not all that these installations can boast of. Such equipment also thanks to the mounted silencers, operates as quietly as possible, and the heat exchanger allows using the energy of the supplied air to achieve good energy efficiency. Thus, air handling units with heat recovery are technologically advanced equipment, which, at its rather big cost, quickly pays for itself, and most importantly, gives you clean air filtered from dust and microorganisms, which contributes to a comfortable time in the room served. Numerous positive feedbacks allow me to single out the supply and exhaust units with a recuperator of such series:

  • Systemair SAVE VTC (Sweden);

  • Lessar LV-PACU (Lithuania);

  • Daikin VAM (Japan).

Supply and exhaust ventilation plant

Household fans for home ventilation

Properly organized ventilation system in the house is the creation of such conditions when fresh air is supplied to the bedroom, the nursery and the living room, and polluted air is taken from the so-called "dirty areas", such as bathrooms, bathrooms, kitchens. For air intake, it is easiest to use inlet valves or window ventilators, and for exhaust air - wall and duct type exhaust fans. If you are lost in the choice of the manufacturer, then the best brands and quality and reliability are:

  • MAICO (Germany) (ECA IPRO series,ER,AWB,ECA Piano);

  • ELICENT (Italy) (ELEGANCE,E-Style PRO series);

  • SOLER & PALAU (Spain) (Silent series,Silent Design, TD, TD Silent).

Household fans for bathrooms


Properly organized ventilation at home is the result of painstaking work of real professionals, so if you want the system to work efficiently and reliably, you need to contact qualified specialists.