How to make you think about yourself?

The first thing to remember is that the desire to be remembered and remain in the thoughts of a certain person is not a manipulation. There are certain methods based on the psychology of behavior and relationships, and they can help. Especially if you want to improve your relationship or develop new ones with the person you like. To make a person think about you in various ways - indirect and direct. The most common and effective way is gifts, because they combine pleasant emotions from receiving and will, subsequently, remind of their donor. And this is exactly what you need.

How to make a woman think about you

In addition to the gifts already mentioned, there are a number of actions in your behavior that will attract a lady and make her think more about you:

  • The main thing in doing how to make you think about yourself is distance. Let's understand that you are a busy person who has important things to do, hobbies and meeting other people. Then the young lady will consider you successful and respected, and not a slacker and a loser who is not worth attention.
  • If you often refer to a tight schedule and employment, then your chosen one will be forced to look for meetings with you, will even go for some tricks to achieve your location, i.e. you will become a little inaccessible to her, and therefore, very attractive.
  • It is also worth increasing its value in the eyes of a woman. To do this, you can force the lady to sacrifice something for you, for example, to postpone your meeting for the day of her get-togethers with her friends. She will have a choice - the evening with you or with friends. Thus, you will support the reputation of a man of value, and therefore - very important for this woman. You can also donate a dress that your companion would never wear, but at the same time say that it suits her and that you will be happy to see her in it. The young lady will experience a sense of surrender and pride, because the gift did not suit her, but you gave him compliments.
  • One should strive to be of interest not only for his chosen one, but for all women of the planet Earth. So your woman will feel your importance. You have to monitor your appearance, control your behavior, be able to keep up the conversation on various topics and be, in general, a developed person. Then not only your girl will think about you, but also anyone.

How to make a man think about you

The basic rule of making a man think about you is to understand that a man is a hunter. And psychologically, he used to take the initiative and win. Therefore, it is necessary to make sure that he fully manifests these qualities:

  • After you successfully had a few romantic dates, it is worth making a certain pause in your communication, keep a distance, i.e. Do not pick up the phone after the first call and do not always respond to SMS. You can also postpone your meeting, motivating it with your employment. So a man will see that his companion is a person who is fascinated and busy, which will only add charm to you. You have your rich life will cause your chosen one respect for you as a person. But you shouldn’t abuse it either, forsake is loved by no means everyone.
  • Also, wanting to make a guy think about you, try to get to know him as best as possible, but do not rush to confide in yourself. You need to be a great companion. A man will get used to sharing his impressions with a person interested in him, and will wait for a meeting to continue an exciting conversation.
  • After such conversations will appear information about the preferences of your man, for example, gastronomic. Then it makes sense to invite him to dinner and surprise him with your favorite dish and the fact that you love yourself. This is your chosen one will remember, and will be able to remember at each subsequent dinner at work, even during the week. And if there are more such evenings, then a man from each tasty dish will have associations with you.

Now you know how to make a man think about himself constantly. This will allow you to model the relationship at will and, possibly, build a good family. We wish you good luck!