How to organize a home business

By law anybusinesssubject to state registration. Register as a private entrepreneur at your home address. Registration takes 5 business days and is made at the tax inspectorate at the place of residence upon presentation of a passport, application in due form and a receipt for payment of the state fee (800 rubles).
Do at home the same activities that you did previously in the office (for example, translation or consulting), or any other business that interests you (photo, sewing). The choice of idea depends on your desire and on the demand for certain services. If you are a translator with little experience and are fond of a photo that you have succeeded in, try becoming a photographer, as the competition in the translation services market is higher.
For homebusinessand you will need equipment (depending on your occupation) and promotion. Look for the first customers before you open yourbusinessand through acquaintances who, in turn, will be able to recommend you to other acquaintances. Also think about all sorts of ways to advertise on the Internet, newspapers, etc.
Pay as much attention as possible to advertising in social networks, especially if yourbusiness"grew up" from your hobby. If potential clients will look for a good lawyer or translator through their partners and counterparties, websites, conferences, then the photographer or baker of wedding cakes is usually chosen through friends or interest groups. In addition, the promotion in social networks almost does not require material costs.
Make sure that the connection with you is as convenient as possible. Often, customers simply can not get through or wait for a quick response from a company and go to its competitors, offering the worst services. Make at least the easiest site. Your phone and email address should be prominently displayed on this site. Print business cards and distribute them to your friends and clients. Make it a rule to check email during working hours every hour and not turn off the phone even after hours.