How to draw a cherry in watercolor

Drawings made with watercolors are vivid and light. Not everyone can learn professional painting. It all depends on several factors: - the time you will spend on training; - the abilities that nature has laid in you; - the efforts that you show. Today in your master class, I'll tell you how to draw cherries.
 How to draw a cherry with watercolors
We need: - honey watercolor; - rough paper; - soft pencil; - jar with water; - two brushes (thin and medium). Steps of creating a picture and: 1. We take a sheet of paper. Use a soft pencil to draw a sketch.
 How to draw a cherry with watercolor
2. Making the first layer in red. It should turn out very pale, for this we add more water to the paint.
 How to draw a cherry with watercolor
3.We make the second layer more dense. Add tones and halftones. We leave highlights not painted over.
 How to draw a cherry watercolor
4. We depict a shadow of its own and falling. We draw stalks in green hues.
 How to draw cherries with watercolor
Delicious berries are ready! Leave the pattern on a horizontal surface for a few minutes so that it dries out and does not spread.