How to persuade the names on -vy?

Tatyana Getmanets
Tatyana Getmanets
February 20, 2013
How to persuade the names on -vy?

It is not the name that paints a person, but a person who is his last name. This popular saying, of course, says the name of a person, but what difference does it make? After all, a surname is also a business card of a person! There are cases that the name, for example, Goloviy, as soon as they do not distort. But a man is both embarrassed and sad. So, how to persuade the names to -viy?

Rules for declaring last names to

If the name was incorrectly pronounced somewhere in the company of friends, this is one thing, but if it was not accurately written in the document, this is a real embarrassment, fraught with redoing important papers. Let's try on the basis of educational and methodical councils of N.A. Eskova to find out what are the rules and subtleties of the declension of surnames with the ending -vie.

Everyone knows that last names, like first names, are divided into male and female. All female surnames ending in -viy do not lean. And this applies to both the singular and the plural. For example, Lisovy Marina Sergeyevna in any case and number will be only Lisovy. And no other way, this name is not written.

How do male surnames lean

Now let's deal with the male surnames that are inclined. So, how to persuade the names to -viy? Makavy Andrew in the singular is written in the cases as follows:

I. p. - Makaviy Andrey

R. n. - Makaviya Andrew

D. p. - MacAvius Andrew

V. p. - Makaviya Andrew

T. p. - Makaviy Andrey

P. p. - Makavie Andrei

Declination of this family name in the plural:

I. p. - Makavii

R. p. - Makaviev

D. p. - Makaviyam

V. p. - Makaviev

T. p. - Makaviyami

P. p. - Makaviyah

Surnames for -viy will be inclined in the plural, if it is spoken only about men. if only women or men and women are spoken of together, then family names do not bow to you: Elena and Stepan Makavy. Thus, in our examples, you can easily understand how to incline a family name to you.