How to photograph people?

Any professional will say that the people in the photos are great if they are in a relaxed state, and for this it is enough to create a natural setting for them. However, this is not enough, since in order to obtain decent images, it is also necessary to observe other nuances.

We select the angle

Photographing people should be from the right angle. To do this, you must adhere to the following rules:

  • Shooting in full growth will be good if the camera lens is located at the level of the chest or waist model.
  • Shooting a face or taking a portrait on the chest is more appropriate when the camera is at the level of the model's eyes.
  • Do not photograph a person in the forehead. Most people look prettier if they are shot a little to the side or three-quarters. Thus, it is possible to visually reduce the cheeks, proportions, as well as soften the asymmetry of the face.

In addition, for each particular case, it is advisable to select an appropriately relaxed posture, since the pose was not painted by a “soldier” in the middle of the frame.

We select the background

Under certain circumstances, the background can play a significant role, and in some situations means almost nothing. However, in any case, the choice of background is recommended to be treated wisely:

  • Ensure that there is nothing superfluous in the frame, unless otherwise intended by the photographer.
  • Notice that the appearance of the model was flawless: the hair did not stick out in different directions, the clothes did not come up, the branches of trees, lampposts, etc. did not come out of the head.
  • Highlight the model in the picture, not monuments or various buildings.

In addition, it is not necessary to place a person in the middle of the frame, it is better to add some interesting elements. It is important that they are filed correctly.

We select lighting

Lighting is one of the highlights that is important to pay attention to when shooting people. After all, well-chosen light allows you to decorate the model: to hide the flaws and reflect the merits. In particular, it is necessary to focus on the following:

  • When shooting outside in clear, sunny weather, it is better to take pictures in the shade. Moreover, the shadow of the trees should not be used, because it gives unsightly light spots.
  • Bright sun makes people squint, so it should be located on the side of the model. It is important to remember that if the sun is behind the person’s back, then only a vague dark figure will be visible in the photo.
  • When photographing in the dark, it is better to use a long exposure mode, rather than a flash. Although in the presence of high-quality flash additional shots are also pretty good.
  • Indoors it is better to use a soft diffused light. Moreover, all light sources must be of the same color temperature, i.e. lamps cannot be turned on if the sun shines through the window.