How to plant clematis

You will need
  • - mineral fertilizers;
  • - humus or manure;
  • - ash;
  • - gravel;
  • - sawdust;
  • - support.
First you need to purchase seedlings. Choose those whose root system is closed with an earthen ball. This seedling will transfer the transplant better and will take root well. Pay attention to the stems: they should not be dry, with darkening and signs of illness. It is best to purchase plants in specialized stores, where all conditions are created for their storage.
Choose a place to land. Clematis prefer sunny and windless places. Avoid areas where moisture accumulates, otherwise the plant may die. Flowers with a light color will look good on a dark background, dark flowers - on the contrary.
Dig a hole for planting. If the soil is heavy, the pit should be deep and about 70 cm wide, if light, 50 cm is enough. When planting several seedlings, leave a distance of 50-70 cm between them.
Add to the pit 1-2 buckets of soil mixed with humus, 100 g of mineral fertilizer and 100-200 g of ash. If the groundwater is close, then place a layer of gravel or broken brick in the pit.
Lower the seedling into the pit by 10-15 cm and sprinkle with earth, leaving a small depression around. If the seedling has an open root system, then make a small mound at the bottom of the pit, spread the roots along it and cover it with fertile soil.
After planting, water the seedlings. Put around a layer of sawdust or chopped bark - this will help maintain the desired temperature of the soil and prevent the growth of weeds. Cut the shoots, leaving only 2-3 lower buds - this will greatly strengthen the root system of the plant. After 2-3 weeks, repeat the circumcision.
Put a support for the plant, not less than a meter high. This can be either a decorative pedestal, which is sold in specialized stores, or an ordinary stick. Every 3-5 days, tie a flower.
Properly care for clematis. In the first two years of growth, it is necessary to periodically water the plant and prune its flowers. Basic care begins with three years. Water Clematis weekly, pouring out 1-2 buckets of water. Loosen the soil around the flower and apply fertilizer.
In late autumn, cut off all the shoots from a flower, cover it with leaves, soil or manure. Cover the plant with boards or drawers, but not very tight, otherwise it may suffocate.