How to plant cucumbers?

Spring - it's time to work hot on the plot. It is necessary to have time to plant and tomatoes, and cucumbers, and greens. And we must try to make it so that the harvest was rich and high-quality. In this article we tried to describe all the most important aspects regarding the planting of cucumbers, so that you learn how to plant cucumbers. We also recommend to see the article - "When to plant cucumbers?".


First we need to select the best seeds for planting. This procedure must be done in advance in order to warm them up at the battery in order to increase the number of female flowers. This procedure should be carried out approximately 1-2 months before planting. This procedure is especially relevant if you use the seeds of past harvest.

If you decide to use the seeds purchased in the store, then you will have less hassle, since they have already been treated with special solutions that prevent a number of diseases. So, you just need to hold them for 20 minutes in a very weak solution of potassium permanganate, then wash and dry. More seeds can be hardened. This is done as follows: you need to take the swollenbut not yet sprouting the seeds, wrap in a damp cloth and put in the fridge, setting the temperature to minus 1-2 degrees. There they need to keep a couple of days, then get out and immediately sow in pots. Soil preparation for pots should also be dealt with in advance. Approximately 2 weeks before landing. Here are some of the most successful soil mixes:

  • Garden land (2 hours) + sawdust (1 hour) + humus (2 hours)
  • Humus (3 h.) + Garden land (1 h.)
  • Garden land (1 h.) + Humus (1 h.)

Do not forget to add to any of these mixtures of mineral fertilizers and a little ash. Since these plants do not tolerate transplantation too well, plant cucumbers properly in separate cups or pots. They are usually planted in each pot for 2 seeds. The depth of planting is about 1.5 cm. Immediately after disembarkation, they need to be watered and the pots covered with a film. Indoors, it is necessary to maintain a temperature of about 28 degrees until the sprouts appear, after which it must be lowered by a week to 17 degrees during the day and 14 at night in order to avoid stretching of the subfamily knee. After a week has passed, the temperature should be raised to 21 degrees during the day and 14 at night.

After the shoots have appeared, it is necessary to remove the weaker plant so that it does not interfere with the stronger one.In order for the seedlings to be exactly enough for the entire allotted area, you need to plant seeds 15-20% more than you need. Water the seedlings should be only water, whose temperature is about 26 degrees. After 2 weeks after the shoots appeared, you can make the first feeding. For top dressing, use either mullein (1: 8) or bird droppings (1:10) or mineral fertilizers (1 tbsp per 10 liters of water). The second dressing is done about a day before disembarking.


Now let's analyze the next stage: how to plant cucumbers in a greenhouse. Try not to outgrow the seedlings. The best time for disembarking is 30 days. Do not forget to prepare a greenhouse on time for planting. The soil must be sufficiently moist and rich in nutrients. Planting seedlings should be made on a cloudy day. If this is not possible, then it can be done in the second half of the sunny day. Observe the temperature of the air and soil in the greenhouse. The soil must be heated to at least 16 degrees, and the air is not less than 18.

Planted seedlings need in the wells, the size of which is approximately equal to the size of the pot, pre-watered with a solution of potassium permanganate.Carefully transfer each plant to the well, set it vertically and sprinkle it with earth so as not to close the subfloor knee. Otherwise, the seedlings will get sick with root rot. Immediately after planting you need to water the seedlings. The air in the greenhouse should be humidified, which will positively affect the survival rate of plants.

2-3 days after transplanting, it should be tied up. To do this, you need to tighten 2 rows of wire at a height of 2 meters and at a distance of about 20 cm from each other. Next to each plant, drive in a small peg to which the twine will be tied. Now it remains only to wind each plant around the twine, and its second end to tie to the wire. As the cucumber grows, continue to wind it around the string and remove the antennae, otherwise they may damage the leaves. Now you know how to plant cucumbers correctly, and having applied all the above tips in practice, the results will pleasantly surprise you and envy the neighbors in the cottage.