Residents of the city, exhausted from the rampage of a criminal group, are trying with all their might to figure out a stranger among their own, the latter declare war to the civilian population until the complete destruction of all decent citizens - this is the plot of the command psychological game “Mafia”. And despite all the seeming complexity, anyone can learn to play it in five minutes. But to master the subtleties and tricks of the game can not immediately.

The game "Mafia" is striking in its complexity and simplicity at the same time, perhaps, therefore, it is so popular among young people. All that is needed for the game is a deck of cards and a company of at least 10 people + presenter. Of the necessary skills - logic, memory, ingenuity, strategy and artistry. However, even if you do not possess these qualities, you can still participate in an exciting process.

How to play mafia?

First, consider the classic characters of the game:

  • honest residents - try to figure out the mafia;
  • Mafia - seeks to kill honest residents;
  • Don - the head of the mafia;
  • Commissioner - wakes up at night and checks one of the players: he is a mafia or not.

Additional roles:

  • maniac - plays for itself, every night kills one of the residents of the city. Wins if left alone;
  • doctor - wakes up last night. Cures one of the residents of the city, i.e. even if the mafia or maniac killed him, he remains in the game;
  • werewolf - the role is very ambiguous. As long as the mafia is alive, it sits, hidden, As soon as all the members of the mafia are killed - its function is assumed by the werewolf;
  • The undertaker is essentially a civilian, but if he is killed, he takes one more player with him.

Additional roles can be any number - it all depends on the imagination of the participants themselves and the number of players.

Game Description

10 people sit down at the game table. The host announces the "night" and all the players "fall asleep" - close their eyes or put on masks, if any. After that, each participant in turn opens his eyes, selects a card, remembers it and puts it in front of him. On some games, cards are dealt "in the afternoon" - this gives participants the opportunity to follow the reaction of the players after they see their role.

The number of cards in the deck is equal to the number of participants. If there are 10 people playing, then there are 10 cards in the deck, respectively: 7 red (honest residents) and 3 black (mafia). Sometimes among the blacks there is a map of the head of the mafia - Don.

Further, the host announces: "The Mafia is waking up." Players who get black cards wake up, get to know each other, fall asleep. The morning comes and the discussion begins. Each player has the right to express his opinion about who is the mafia and why. After several candidates have been nominated, the voting begins. The one for whom the majority of votes is cast is considered killed: he opens his card, denoting the role, and leaves the gaming table.

On the second and subsequent nights, the mafia wakes up, deliberates, and shows the leader who she decided to kill. After she falls asleep, the commissioner wakes up and searches for the mafia: in one night he can check one player. The Commissioner points to the suspect leading, which gives the answer: the mafia this person or not.

After that, the city wakes up, the presenter points to the person who was killed at night and the discussion begins again: each one expresses his own guesses, looking at the behavior of others. Anything can arouse suspicion: your smile, too active accusation of others or, on the contrary, too quiet behavior. Any movement at night during the action of a particular role can also cause suspicion, so try to kill / check at night as little as possible actively, so as not to be noticed by your neighbor.

After discussion, candidates are nominated for voting. Usually, before the decision itself, the accused is given a minute to justify. During this time, you need to convince everyone else that you are not a mafia and act exclusively for the good of the city. And you can not make excuses at all - it is your right.

Then the voting procedure and again the one who got the most votes leaves the table by opening his card. If the defendants have a draw in the final voting, in this case no one is killed and the city falls asleep without victims.

And the “night” comes again and so on until the winner is determined. A city wins if all members of the mafia are killed. If at the gaming table there is an equal amount of mafia and honest residents, the mafia wins.

So, it turns out just to play the game "Mafia". But this is not the most important thing. As many players note, it’s interesting how much not to “kill all the mafiosi”, but the process itself. After all, “Mafia” is a competition and a presentation at the same time: if they want to win, the participants are confident, and sometimes they do not really go towards their goal. At the same time, they do not reject very dubious methods: deception, agreements, their violation, the collision of participants in opinions, the artistic “I am not a mafia, have you gone mad!” - it is not possible to explain the feelings experienced in the game.Therefore, it is better to play once, than a hundred times to hear how to play the game mafia or read about an exciting intellectual game in which you can win only by the team.