How to play solo?

Often look at guitarists, flaming in a guitar solo, and think how they do it at all? Many musicians are surprised when, despite the fact that they write the same music as the latest hits on the market, no one wants to hear them.

Let's say you love Children Of Bodom, you wrote a few songs in their style and your band plays just like them. However, no one wants to listen to you. Why? Because there is already a group called Children Of Bodom. Or let's say you spent a lot of time learning how to play like Led Zeppelin. However, no one wants to listen to you, because there is already a group of Led Zeppelin and no one needs another one. Conclusion: enjoy other musicians, but write your own stuff.

Many novice guitarists do not understand how to play solos. Improvisation (also known as "solo") does not involve playing a series of random notes, in the hope that they will sound cooler together. How to play guitar solo is easiest? Guitarists usually draw guitar solos from standard themes, using them as a template for improvisation. Practice back and forth using alternate picking, making sure you play each note neatly and evenly.Next, try playing each note twice before moving on to the next note.

How to learn to play solo

Let's look at an exercise that is designed to test musicality and tells you how to learn how to play a solo:

  • Take one of your favorite songs. A song that has a strong guitar solo. Open it in MIDI format through a music editor, turn off solos, play and record your own solos. Do it again and again until you are satisfied. Now listen to what you recorded and compare it with the original solo. Is this valuable?
  • Learning to play a guitar solo is not that easy. Learning music should be fun. When you feel that you are bored, go to the next exercise, then go back to the boring part and remember: that you have not finished today, you must finish tomorrow.
  • Spend at least 50% of the time with a guitar in your hands to learn new things. Do you need any ideas? When you listen to the radio or watch TV, take an instrument and try to play along with the music you hear for the first time. Playing with friends, you can always learn from them a lot of good things.
  • Do not limit yourself to just one genre.Listen to blues, rock, jazz, fusion, classical and contemporary music, flamenco and reggae. Only with a broad overview, you can hear that the new thing you wrote sounds like no one else has played.

Many musicians love to play, that's all. They take their instruments and play again and again, what they already know well enough.

How to play a guitar solo correctly? It is important to enjoy the game, it is interesting to play again what you have already learned, but this is not enough. Technique is not only speed, it is also vibrato, hummer, pull-off, slides, turns, harmonics, muted notes, tremolo, and so on.

There are many guitarists who can play very quickly, but when it comes time to play a tune, it sounds dull and dry. The guitar is a very versatile instrument, an electric guitar, perhaps the most versatile of all. Think what a huge variety of sounds! But, in the hands of a technically limited player, she becomes the most boring of all.