How to prepare for the exam?

The Unified State Exam is a unified state exam that students take at the end of grade 11. This exam also serves as an entrance exam to higher education institutions. After passing the EGE each student receives a certificate, which indicates the result of the subject.

The exam is a very difficult exam, because it is necessary to know the subject very well, therefore, preparation for it must be serious and thorough.

Prepare for the exam in several ways:

  • independently;
  • attending courses;
  • with the help of a tutor;
  • using interactive tutorials.


For self-study should purchase:

  • clean notebook;
  • books with test tasks;
  • textbooks on the subject.
  1. Preparation for the Unified State Exam should start as early as possible, preferably from the 10th grade, as the volume of the studied information is very large in the senior classes.
  2. Plan your day, because only systematic work will bring the desired result.
  3. In preparation for the exam, write in the prepared notebook formulas, theorems and axioms that will help you in preparing for your chosen subject.You can also highlight them with colored markers or pencils.
  4. Prepare books with CIMs. This book provides exemplary tasks of the exam, as well as options for the exam that were used previously.
  5. If what moments seem difficult for you to understand, consult a specialized teacher who will direct you in the right direction.
  6. Periodically repeat the material. This way you can memorize it faster.
  7. One of the options for preparing for the EGE are online courses, where you can take approximate versions of tests, as well as use the educational library. Examples of such courses may be courses. But the services of these courses are paid.


Many students choose specialized courses in order to prepare for the exam. Courses are aimed only at preparing for the exam, which allows you to obtain the necessary knowledge. The disadvantage of attending courses is a group form of work. Such courses may suit students who are very well versed in the chosen academic subject and want to systematize their knowledge.


Another option to prepare for the exam is to work with a tutor.In this case, it is necessary to select a tutor who has experience in preparing for the Unified State Exam. It is very interesting to study with a teacher who knows his subject well, but this is not enough for passing the EGE.

A good teacher will not only give you the necessary knowledge, but also teach you how to allocate time to complete all the tasks of the test, and also tell you about the main mistakes that students make and how to prepare for the exam.

Interactive Tutorials

Interactive programs - multimedia tutorials, also allow you to prepare for the exam. These programs can be used during self-preparation for the exam, as well as in courses or by teachers in their classes. Download programs can be on the Internet or buy in a bookstore. For example, you can download a program in mathematics.

Also prepare for the exam will help Yandex developed special tests that are located.