How to properly care for your skin in winter

Skin nutrition. Be sure to use in the cold season fat cream. He will help you moisturize and soak your skin. Use the cream an hour before leaving, before each leaving the house. In order not to dry your skin in the winter, discard alcohol-based products. Instead, add to the cosmetic bag means labeled "winter" and vitamins "C".

Cleansing the skin. Wash only with warm water, without using additional cleansers. In the living rooms, put a humidifier or flat containers with water. Be sure to put such containers near heat sources. Dry air is bad for the skin.

Beauty from the inside. Drink as much water as possible. If in the warm season the body itself requires more fluid, then in the cold, control yourself and drink at least 2 liters of water. Add to the diet foods containing Omega-3 (seafood, peanuts, pumpkin seeds), vitamin A (greens, butter, beef liver, fish oil, dairy products), vitamin C (lemon, orange, pomelo).

Constant care. Avoid stressful situations for the skin. After the cold, do not wash with hot water. It is better to wait a bit when the body warms up or wash in slightly warm water. Washing hands should also be on the same principle. Try to be less in the cold and strong winds. If possible, insulate: wear gloves on your hands and a scarf on your face. The less open skin you have, the more healthy it will be.

A little bit about lips. Use moisturizers for the lips (balm, lipstick with vitamin E). Do not lick your lips in the cold. If the skin of the lips has become dry and has begun to crack, then make a mask of honey and olive oil.