How to protect against varicose leg disease

Rhythmic sports are useful. These include cycling, walking and swimming. Occupations in the pool stimulate blood circulation in the legs and especially in the calf muscles. In addition, water itself tones the muscles of the legs, improves blood circulation. But power loads are not recommended.
In the daily diet should be a large number of raw vegetables and fruits. They contain the vitamins and fiber needed to strengthen the venous wall and increase the elasticity of the veins. In oranges, tangerines and lemons a lot of c = vitamin C and vitamin P. It is better to limit the consumption of fatty, salty and spicy foods.
Comfortable shoes
In high-heeled shoes, the foot is forced to be fixed in a bent position. As a result, the nutrition of the small vessels of the toes is disturbed. The result - venous congestion and swelling in the ankle. the best option is wide shoes with a heel of 4 cm.Studs - for special occasions.
Several times a week independently do a light foot massage. It is very simple: stroke your leg up and down - it is enough to do this for 5-7 minutes in the morning and evening. In this way, you can relieve tired legs, improve blood circulation.
Compression knit
Special stockings, tights and socks help improve blood flow in the veins and restore the wine outflow from the lower limbs, which is an excellent prevention of varicose veins.