How to provide complete care for the skin around the eyes

Every evening, be sure to remove makeup. Do it by special means. Choose cosmetics that include natural ingredients.
If you use various lotions for skin refreshment, be careful. Under no circumstances should alcohol-based products be applied to the skin around the eyes. This rule applies to special skins and gels for washing, especially if they are intended for oily skin. After all, they contain additional drying components that adversely affect the health of the delicate skin around the eyes.
Prefer exclusively high-quality, time-tested color cosmetics. This is especially true for eyeshadow, contour pencils, eyeliners, corrector and mascara.From applying good makeup products on the face should not appear redness and swelling.
When buying cosmetics for the skin around the eyes, be sure to pay attention to the shelf life. In addition, study the composition of funds. Make sure that they do not contain components that can provoke allergic reactions. Try to choose an eye cream that can simultaneously moisturize your skin and have a soothing effect, it will also help smooth out wrinkles.
During the application of skin care products around the eyes, do not rub the skin, do not stretch or press on it. Otherwise, you risk provoking the appearance of extra wrinkles. Apply the cream with very light movements. In the lower eyelid, the movement should be directed from the outer corner of the eye to the inner, and along the upper from the inner to the outer. You can try to apply the cream with gentle slaps of fingertips.
Use nutrient masks twice a week. If necessary, you can carry out skin relaxing compresses.