How to ps3 connect to internet?

When the old games are already tired, and the new ones have not yet appeared, I want something else from my console. For example, play old games on the Internet. Today we talk about the PS3 and how to play on the console via the Internet. Let's return to the games of former interest!

How to connect the PS3 to the Internet - instructions

Options for connecting the console to the Internet can be as follows.

We connect the console via Wi-Fi connection. This is suitable for users who have a Wi-Fi hotspot at home. In this case, you will not need to somehow configure the network or console. All settings are automatic. The only thing you need is a network access password.

We connect the console using a PPPoE connection. This method works in homes and apartments where the Internet is obtained from an Internet cable RJ45 model. You have a username and password that are used to connect the computer to the network. Plug the cable into the network connector of the console. You will need the following settings: IP, DNS, MTU, mask, gateway. All these parameters can be set automatically.If this does not happen, then it will not be difficult to enter them manually. Parameters can be obtained from your ISP.

We connect the console through VPN. VPN assumes the presence of a router that is able to communicate independently with the network. You can connect the PS3 to the Internet as follows. Look at your router. If it has the capabilities of a Wi-Fi access point, then the console will establish a connection on its own. If not, then surely there are sockets for an RJ45 cable in the router, where you can connect it. Connect the cable to the router and console. The prefix itself will establish a connection to the Internet.

We connect the console through the second network card of the computer. You must have a second network card. The first of them is connected to the Internet, the second must be configured to work with the console. Do not change the settings of the first network card, since this is not necessary. We open properties VPN connections. Here you need to open access to the Internet second network card. You can do it this way. Check the boxes "Allow to use this connection to the Internet" and "Allow a call on demand". In the drop-down list, you need to select a network with a connected prefix.The console itself does not require configuration with this method of connection. Ultimately, the settings of the second card should look like this:
Subnet Mask:
Gateway: (IP card that goes to the Internet - that is, your IP in the VPN network)

We connect the PS3 console to the Internet via an ADSL modem. To connect the console to an ADSL connection, we need a router or modem with router functions. We connect the console in the same way as described in the section on connecting the console through VPN.

After all the twists and turns of connecting the console to the Internet, you need to know the type of connection. With some types, some games may not work correctly, and the console may not function correctly.

  • NAT1 is the usual cable connection. Everything should work well.
  • NAT2 - Internet connection on the means of the router. If all channels are open, then everything should work correctly.
  • NAT3 is the same as NAT2, only some channels do not work. Because of this, it is possible to observe the improper functioning of consoles and games.