How to re-register the site?

Quite often we need to reissue land for themselves. We know about how to do this, but still, sometimes there are a number of unknown questions that need to be clarified and be prepared for anything. Having reissued the land, you become its full owner and you can fully dispose of it: equip, sell, donate, change. But to accomplish this, you need to know how to re-register the land.

Land Renewal Procedure

For example, you have a country house outside the city and you want to issue ownership rights to it. Of course, you are wondering how to re-register the suburban area for yourself, where to go and what documents to have with you. First of all, find out what purpose will be allotted for the land, only after that start the process of renewal. There are two options for re-registering the land plot into your property:

  • The first option is that you must produce a new state act in a new name (respectively, in your name).
  • The second option gives you the opportunity to put the necessary marks on the old, already existing act.

That is, for example, you have a dacha plot, which was rewritten to one of your family members, who does not use it, and the land just stands. So you want to draw it on yourself, but just do not do it. You need to make a deal (donation or purchase and sale of land), just so it will not succeed.

Consider the first version of the renewal of the site. In this case, you must put forward the grounds for the relevant body (GosKomZem), of why you want to reissue this section. In order to clarify for yourself the procedure for re-registering a land plot, you should know what methods exist for this and what documents are needed. Renewal can be issued in the following ways:

  1. Make a contract for the sale of land. By carrying out this operation, you will lose a lot of time, but will be the full owner of this site. You will have the state registration number and the original of the transaction (sale). That is, you completely legalize on yourself this piece of land.
  2. You can also make a deed of gift. This agreement also has the right to re-register the site.In this case, you get from the owner all the rights to use this land. The form is slightly different, but in the end you will receive the same document as in the sale.
  3. You can arrange and the right to inherit this site. If you inherited a land plot, then you have a six-month period in which you can become the owner of the land. You only need a testament or a statement of your rights to heredity.

Now let's look at the documents that are needed for the re-registration of the land. So, you should have such documents as:

  • Agreement on the type of renewal (purchase and sale, donation, inheritance);
  • A notarized copy of the old act on your land;
  • Passport and identification number.
  • If you are a legal entity, then you will be required to copy copies of certificates of payment of taxes and a certificate from the register of organizations.

If you renew the land through additional marks in the old state act, then you need to have with you only: the original contract (sale and purchase, donation of inheritance), as well as the old act and passport with an identification number.