How to refresh the page?

Evgeny Fogov
Evgeny Fogov
March 28, 2013
How to refresh the page?

Few ordinary Internet users thought about how to refresh the page in the OPERA browser. Now we will look at examples of updating pages in this beautiful and reliable browser:

  • Normal page refresh. If you press the F5 key on your keyboard on your computer, the browser will check for a more recent version of the page that is currently displayed on the Internet and will start a simpler update of the page. However, this check may fail, and then the update does not occur.
  • Full page refresh in OPERA. You have to simultaneously press the Ctr and F5 keys, then the browser will delete all the information of the current page from its cache and load everything again. This operation will be enough to successfully update the page. This method will help you in 99% of cases.
  • There are alternative ways to update pages. And most likely you do not know everything about them. But in fact, for this you do not need to have a lot of knowledge, just press CTRL + R, and your page will refresh in a split second.
  • There are also such methods as right-clicking in an arbitrary place on a page (except for hyperlinks), and selecting a line such as “Refresh” there. How to refresh the browser page if these methods do not suit you? If the previous methods seemed to be difficult for you, you can simply hover your mouse over the upper left part of the browser and select the icon with a picture in the form of an update (a circle with an arrow).
  • But you may need such that you will be forced to refresh the page at any interval, but you will not be nearby. How to do it? You need to right-click on an arbitrary place on the page (except for hyperlinks), and select “Update every” there, then select the update interval (you can also choose it yourself if nothing suits you from the options listed)
  • Full cache flush (temporary Internet files). This method is needed in order to delete from your computer all pages in the computer’s memory and all elements saved by your browser opera. Also, if you need to, this operation will erase all traces of your search on the Internet.All you need to do is clear such temporary browser files as your browsing history, search history, cookies, saved passwords, and authentication sessions. You should not delete the cache without uselessness, since all saved passwords, settings, etc. will be dropped.

I think you will not have problems with how to refresh the page after this article. After all, here all the known methods of updating the page in the Opera browser are indicated step by step.

ATTENTION! You should not refresh the page if you fill out any forms or surveys / tests, transfer money to someone (carry out money transactions), work on the website of a bank, because all data will be reset.