How to remove nod32?

Vladislav Meriin
Vladislav Meriin
January 15, 2013
How to remove nod32?

ESET NOD32 is an excellent anti-virus software that many users like because of its reliability and efficiency. Many have problems removing this antivirus from the computer, as it leaves behind a lot of unnecessary folders and files that may affect the operation of the computer. There are two main ways to remove NOD32 from a computer.

Windows Tools

The easiest way to remove NOD32 is to use standard Windows tools. To do this, you need to go to the "Start - Control Panel". Further, depending on your operating system version:

  • For users of Windows XP - open "Add or Remove Programs." Find this antivirus in the list and click on "Uninstall \ Change" and confirm that you want to remove the program from the computer.
  • Users of Windows 7 - “Programs”. Find the name of the anti-virus in the list and double-click on it, and then confirm the deletion.

After that, you no longer need to worry about how to remove ESET NOD32, since the computer itself will cope with this task. After restarting the computer, you will need to delete the folders that remained after the antivirus.Usually, because of them, the user cannot install other anti-virus software on the computer, so it is important to get rid of them in time. Turn on the computer mode in which hidden folders and files will be displayed. Further, depending on the type of OS:

  • For Windows XP users, delete the folder C: \ Program Files \ ESET, C: \ Documents and Settings \ All Users \ Application Data \ ESET from the computer, as well as the ESET folder located in C: \ Documents and Settings \ [username] \ Application Data \ ESET
  • Windows 7 users also need to delete two folders: the first C: \ Program Files \ ESET and the second folder C: \ ProgramData \ ESET

If you understand how to remove NOD32, and did everything right, you can install new anti-virus software. In case of failure, you should try the second way to remove this software.

Utility ESET Uninstaller

For this task, how to remove NOD32 antivirus, a special utility was created. Its small drawback is that because of it, after removing the antivirus, it may be necessary to reconfigure the Internet. The utility needs to be downloaded to the root directory of the C: \ drive, and then restart the computer by entering safe mode. After that, run the utility and read the warning about possible problems with the removal. To continue deletion, enter “y”.

Next, the utility will give you a list of anti-virus programs installed on your computer. Enter the sequence number NOD32 and after pressing Enter enter the command "y". Wait for the utility to finish and restart the computer to normal mode.