How to replace the faucet?

Without a doubt, every owner was faced with the question of how to replace the tap or repair it, in case it leaks or is poorly regulated. The case may be in a rubber gasket, which over time under the influence of hot water wears out and loses its elasticity. Let us examine in this article this and other problems in this area.

How to replace the crane

It is recommended to change the mixers at least once a year, however, if you receive water of poor quality, it will have to be done more often. It is not necessary to call in specialists to replace the crankshaft, this is a fairly simple procedure.

In order to repair an old faucet, you can simply replace the worn parts with a ceramic faucet. In the new generation cranes, the locking element is made of ceramic and therefore it will last for a long time.

In some cases, the issue is the need to repair the faucet that sends cold water in the mixer. It may loosely wrap or regulate water flow poorly. The repair is most convenient to start with a screwdriver.

  • First of all, you need to release the cap of the handle of the crane, for this you need to pick up the cap with a screwdriver in the blue band.
  • After that, you can loosen the lock nut and remove the plastic plug.
  • Then it is necessary to unscrew the old crankcase with a key at 17. Usually, all actions are fairly easy to perform, in some cases, due to rust and scale, it is necessary to use WD-40 liquid to clean the threads on the tap.

After the mixer is disassembled, its components can be easily considered. Details of the old screw tap differ little from the corresponding elements of the modern ceramic axle box. However, the rubber plug of the worn-out crane probably lost its shape and was worn noticeably. In order to avoid water leaks in the new crane box, it is recommended to seal the threads with a yoke, which will serve as a sealant, and firmly screw in the valve. The control nut which needs to be screwed in with a wrench completes.

How to replace the gasket in the faucet

We offer you two ways to replace the gasket in the faucet.

  • If you have a valve with a back and forth movement of the rod.Turn the faucet all the way out; pre-drain all the water from the water supply pipe. Carefully remove the decorative flap with your hands or with a key wrapped with tape to avoid scratches on the body of the cap. Carefully unscrew the valve head inside the valve body and remove the valve with rubber gasket, which is located at the bottom of the system. In some models of valves, the valve is not separated from the body. There are also different ways of mounting gaskets in taps - in some taps, rubber plugs hold onto the pin, in some they are screwed onto the nut. In the case of fastening with a nut, oil drips onto the threads of the nut and unscrew. If the nut does not give in, change the valve entirely.
  • If you have a crane with a flywheel. The design feature of the valve with a flywheel is that the outer casing and the head are integrated into a whole. First you need to get rid of the protective cover and open the access to the nut. In models where the outer casing is simply worn, it is easy to remove. In some cases, the cover is fixed with a retaining screw, which will have to be unscrewed, after removing the cover of the decorative cap. Next, using a wrench take out the neck, at the base of which is the desired gasket.The gasket can lie freely, and can be pressed to the bolt by a rod. Carefully replace the worn gasket with a new one.

This instruction will help even those who, for the first time, decided to independently eliminate the disadvantages of the mixer, enjoy the results of their work.