How to return the past?

All that you could experience in your life is the past. Based on the actions and actions performed in the past, you have become as they are at the present time. A series of your own actions led you to realize much more than before. Because of this, you could take exactly those actions that now allow you to have a choice. You always have the right to choose. If you like playing sports, developing personal growth, making plans for the future or something else, do it, perform actions that you want or give up to the will of fate or the Lord God and live your life at ease, without problems. Remember how to return the past nobody knows, but how to make it work for you is known, and it is in action. Only action always brings results. If you are ready to commit acts - act, and you will have a result. Inaction is a product of what people can do all the time � to think. A thought has no physical manifestation, and sad thoughts are even capable of blocking everything in a person�s life and leading him to the achievement of a result that doesn�t suit him much.Moving towards your own goal is the result. The actions that a person performs every day lead him to the result that he is doing for himself now.

Is it possible to return the past

In a certain sense, you can return the past, or rather return to the past through memories or by subjecting yourself to past life regressions � techniques of using hypnosis to find out that the practices of this technique are considered people�s memories of past lives or reincarnations.

This technique of hypnosis is used in psychotherapeutic purposes, providing a therapeutic effect on the human psyche. Practicing parapsychologists use this method in an effort to confirm the hypothesis of the existence of the phenomenon of reincarnation.

Under the influence of hypnosis, i.e. applying the technique of regression of the past life, in a certain understanding, it is really possible to return the past. The main thing is to properly conduct the entire procedure from start to finish. The very technique of exposure consists of a series of special questions to a person immersed in a hypnotic state, to search for and identify events that have occurred in the intended past life.A lot of people who have undergone hypnosis, are capable of "withdrawing" from the depths of consciousness of such memories (as well as "memories" of "future lives"). However, critics insist that the memory of such people contains information only about their own lives, or the evoked memories were born under the influence of fantasy, confabulation, deliberately or unintentionally inspired by the hypnotherapist.

Modern science in this matter categorically rejects both the possibility of memories of real lives in the past and the existence of the phenomenon of reincarnation itself.

According to the individual psychotherapists, in most cases the causes of problems that exist in the current life are a traumatic memory from a previous life. Therefore, the patient is introduced into an altered state of hypnosis and allow him to re-undergo emotional experiences, realize them and reduce tension. According to recent studies, it has been proven that patients sometimes �remember� events from supposed past lives that never happened to them.Therefore, professional psychologists consider it not humane and not ethical to subject a person to traumatic memories, only to examine his memory.

Today, increasingly, regressive self-hypnosis or regressive hypnosis is used as a tool for personal growth within a variety of esoteric training, such as: �I want to return the past in order to live in the present!�, �By returning the past, you will discover the future!� And so on.

Using the hypnotherapy technique, you can uncover the source of "memories" of a person's lives in the past. For this, a person is introduced into hypnosis and the information of his �memories� is recorded, then the patient is awakened and introduced to the received information. Then they reintroduce the person into a state of hypnosis and are asked to name the source of the information.