How to sell a car?

There are many options for selling a car, but not all of them are equally advantageous and convenient conditions. Consider several ways to sell and analyze their pros and cons.

Where and how to sell a car

Selling to friends

One of the easiest ways. All you need is through your friends, relatives, colleagues to find the person who is going to buy a car. If your car is suitable for him, then the transaction will be successfully completed.

But if you think about how expensive it is to sell a car that has significant technical flaws, then this is not the best option. After all, if you tell a person about the problems of the machine, it will greatly affect its value. And if you keep silent (as is often the case when selling to completely strangers), then all your mutual friends will know what a dishonest and dishonest person you are. Agree, not the most flattering recommendation.

Sale through the Trade-in system

This is a “give away old and get new” transaction format. The bottom line is that you buy a car in the cabin, while giving away your old car and paying part of the cost of a new car.The dealer, in other words, buys your car from you as payment for your purchase from him.

This option is good for those who are going to buy a vehicle from the salon and at the same time do not want to mess around for a long time with the procedure for selling their old car. Among the minuses - often unprofitable amount, which is estimated b / y car.

Urgent sale

To quickly sell a car, you can contact the specialized firms involved in the purchase of cars.

Their main advantage is the ability to conduct a transaction in a short time with a minimum of preparatory work. And you can sell the car as in good and in very poor condition. The main disadvantage is that buyers usually lower the price significantly.

Sale through the commission area

By paying a certain amount for the service, you place your car on a special viewing platform where potential buyers come. The cost of using the services of large sites is lower than the small ones, however, the effectiveness of the former is lower. The chances that you will choose exactly from the huge number of cars are small. And so if you still stopped at this method, then give preference to small salons.

Also note that if you take the car from the site ahead of time, you will most likely be forced to pay a fine. Refine this point in advance.

Selling through ads

A very common method, which is resorted to a huge number of car owners.

You simply place information about your car on the appropriate information portal, taking care of high-quality and beautiful photos (this is important for drawing attention to your offer). And the latter is just a significant disadvantage of this approach, because you can wait very, very long.

This option is suitable if you do not need an urgent sale. By the way, be prepared for the fact that the buyer wants to bargain, and therefore you can immediately charge a little (then there is a chance that you can profitably sell the car), but not by much, otherwise your offer will be uncompetitive.

How to prepare the car for sale

If you want to sell the car correctly - without unnecessary delays, numerous inspections, then take care of its thorough preparation.

  • Salon. Do not be lazy to order a quality dry cleaning. Eliminate all sources of unpleasant odors.
  • Body. Eliminate serious defects, corrosion, chips and dents.
  • Engine compartment. Put it in order, but we do not recommend washing the engine - many motorists immediately pay attention to it, because the ideal engine cleanliness often indicates that the seller seeks to hide something, and this already significantly reduces the chance of a successful sale.
  • Check the seats, power windows, climate control, heating and other technical details.
  • Check the suspension - whether there is a knock, noise, squeak.
  • Check the oil level - it should be above the minimum. Nowhere should leakage be observed.
  • Check the brake pads - they should not creak (this is a sign of their wear).

To the buyer did not doubt your honesty, attach to the package of documents contracts, checks, which were issued to you at the station when carrying out these or other works, for example, when changing oil or updating car parts.