How to serve in the army?

When asked about military service, Russian citizens look differently. Most young people prefer not to serve. But there are those who really want to go there. It is these young men who have the question of how to join the army. Of course, the militancy of men in the blood, their nature has created such, therefore, it is to them that they struggle, protect and protect. Those who want to defend their homeland, go to study in the military universities and make service their profession. But to be in the armed forces of the country can be another way.

Conscripts service

Young people do not have to make an effort to go to serve in the army. Even at a very young age, they are led in an organized manner to the military enlistment office for the first medical examination. As soon as the boys turn 18, they begin to receive agendas demanding to appear at the recruiting station.

Full-time students, the only breadwinners of seriously ill relatives, fathers of two children, as well as young men’s health, have a reprieve. In practice, there are cases when young people who have been challenged for medical reasons still claim to be the defender of the fatherland.Experts say that such applicants have practically no chance of joining the army. But with a strong desire, you can try to apply to the court with a request to establish the fact of fitness for the service.

If the court decides to re-examine, then a commission will be assembled that can change the recruitment category. You can also contact the military bar. The task of the recruit is to prove that the doctors examined him with violations, to try to achieve the appointment of a forensic medical examination.

But even in this case, there is little chance of getting into the army. Judge for yourself - the doctor, sending the previously recognized unfit for service as a military conscript, is at great risk to all that he has in a professional way if the young man’s health does not withstand the stresses during training and exercise. This also should not be forgotten by the recruit, who by all means resolves the question of how to enter the army.

Contract service

Anyone who has already completed military service and knows how to serve in the army can continue to serve under the contract. This will be a regular job, with job responsibilities and salary.You can apply immediately to a military unit, or to the military enlistment office. Here the applicant will be provided with a variety of employment options in the army.

It should be understood that the contract army does not accept those who have health problems, who had a criminal record, who is under investigation, people with an unstable mentality, with poor performance from their previous job, who are registered as alcohol or drug addicts. The military enlistment office conducts a preliminary check and sends the applicant's documents to the military unit. There is a thorough check and a final decision is made.

Documents for contract service

If you decide how to get a job in the army under a contract, you must first collect the following documents. First of all, it is a passport and its copy. Then in the military registration and enlistment office it is necessary to fill in a form, write an autobiography. In the personnel department to take a work book and make a copy and assure it of all the rules. It is also necessary to notarize and copies of documents on education, marriage certificate, the birth of children.

In the military enlistment office, the applicant will be given a list of additional documents that are requested by the part where the man wants to go. All documents are required to consider within one month and take one of four decisions: send a candidate for a medical examination, for psychological selection, for verification of the educational and physical level of development, send to the commission on contract servicemen.

Those who are interested in how a girl can join the army can be advised exactly the same actions. Differences will be only in military positions. The girls are taken to the army in the field of health worker, telephone operator, radio operator and some others. For them, marital status and the presence of children is not a reason for refusal.