How to set up visual bookmarks in Chrome?

Anastasia Shostak
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How to set up visual bookmarks in Chrome?

With the advent of the most recent versions of popular browsers, many users have experienced the convenience of using visual bookmarks. But not everyone knows where and how to turn them on. Consider this on the example of Google Chrome.

The Google Chrome browser is good in many ways: usability, speed, extensibility, security, and many others. But the chrome developers did not think about the visual bookmarks or didn�t really want to do that. By default, this browser has the usual bookmarks that can be placed under the address bar, and something similar to the visual bookmarks that are displayed in the new tab. The last visited pages are shown on these tabs and it cannot be influenced in any way. To set up visual bookmarks in chrome you just need to install the extension you like.

General algorithm of actions

  • Go to the settings of extensions by clicking the "Settings" button in the upper right corner (which looks like three bars, in earlier versions there was a �wrench�).
  • If the window is empty, then click �Do you want to view the gallery?�, And if there are already some extensions, scroll down the window and select �More extensions�.
  • In the opened window of the Google Chrome store in the input field for the search we write, for example, �Visual bookmarks� and click �Enter�.
  • In the search results, you can find the extension we need and click the "Install" button and agree with the installation, so you can download the visual bookmarks for chrome. After that, all the expansion will begin work.

Customize visual tabs

Managing visual bookmarks is quite simple: you can swap them with the usual dragging with the mouse, change names and links, delete and hide. When you hover the cursor over a bookmark, a mini-menu will appear. Using it, you can do all of the listed actions.

Click on the "Settings" button in the lower right corner and see what is there:

There you can select the exact number of displayed visual bookmarks, both vertically and horizontally. The maximum possible amount is 48 bookmarks, this should be enough for almost all users.

You can also select the background of the bookmarks page or upload your own file. In the �Blending Method� list, you can choose the method that suits you best to process an unsuitable image size.

With the help of a special tick �Show bookmarks panel� you can also display or hide the display of the panel with regular bookmarks on top of the window.

If suddenly you have lost visual bookmarks in chrome, then you can try to install another useful extension that will work properly and for a long time.