How to sew a collar?

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How to sew a collar?

We have already talked about how to sew a collar. But the look of your blouse, shirt or dress also depends a lot on how you sew this collar to your product. This can be done in several ways, depending on how your blouse is fastened, whether there is an upsurge, a throat opening, etc. In any case, it is very important to correctly align the collar with the neck. For this purpose, special notch marks are used: the middle of the neck of the back is aligned with the middle of the collar, and the middle of the shelf with its ends.

How to sew a collar to a children's shirt

This is the easiest way to connect the collar with the finished product. It is used when sewing blouses and dresses made of thin fabric.

  1. Connect the collar of the shirt with the back of the neck of the neck on the shoulder cuts and smooth out the seams. Sweep open sections of the collar so that they do not disperse.Collar
  2. Attach the collar to the neck of the back (to the front of the shirt). Unscrew the pick on the wrong side and pin with pins over the collar.Thus, the collar will be between the neck and facing.
  3. Attach the collar, at the same time grabbing the collar and facing. Cut the allowances close to the seam, obliquely at the corners. Remove the product and iron it.

If there is only a fastener plate in the shirt instead of the collars, a strip of fabric cut along the scythe can play the role of the facing. Fold it along its front side and sweep it over the collar. Short cuts of the slanting bake should go on the bar, then after stitching they will be hidden inside. After you make a seam, turn out and iron the collar, stitching the neck close to the seam. This will fix the oblique inlay and give the product a neater appearance.

How to sew a stand-up collar

Suppose your product does not provide a facing, but there is a stand-up collar. How to sew it to make it look beautiful? In this case, the attachment seam is best hidden inside the rack. Therefore, we do not remove the longitudinal sections of the collar together, but sew them onto the shirt individually.

  1. Attach the rack to the front side of the neck, aligning the tags. SciteCollarthe pins of the neck and the adjacent part of the rack.
  2. Stitch the strut, cut the allowances at the rounding points and press the seam to the side of the collar.
  3. Fold down the inside of the rack and carefully sew it to the neck with hidden stitches. You can attach it on a typewriter, paving a line close to the edge.

The collar does not have to be sewn from the same fabric as the main product. Try experimenting using lace or faux fur. One of the latest trends are knitted collars.