How to sew a doll?

Oksana Logunova
Oksana Logunova
April 17, 2013
How to sew a doll?

Dolls made from rag material are always very funny and original, they also fascinate with their artificial "aging" and natural materials. Looking at this toy, it always seems that this heroine came out of the TV screen, where they showed a cartoon film. To build such a doll is an intricate matter, but if you know how to sew a doll, the result will be exceptional. As with any kind of needlework, you first need to be patient and pick up tools for a future toy.

Necessary materials

  • Fabric for the basis of the doll (linen, calico, chintz)
  • Two colors fabrics for clothes: white and motley
  • Bright wool thread and fabric of similar color for making hair
  • Sintepon, cotton wool or sintepukh
  • Needles and thread
  • Acrylic face paint

After preparing all the suitable tools, you can begin the manufacturing process, but before that you should read the instructions that tell you how to sew a doll with your own hands.

Phased instruction

  • For the body of such a doll, it is not necessary to invent the most complicated parts that cannot be joined manually. It will be enough to comply with all sizes:

    To do this, you can print the pattern and apply it on the fabric, leaving 1 cm at the edges.
  • After that, carefully connect the parts according to the picture.

    leaving unstitched lower torso, arms and legs
  • Stuffing is done gradually, in small pieces of filler.
  • Now sew the details together and make sure that everything looks symmetrical.

As already mentioned above, for the doll with their own hands the patterns will not take much time and effort, because all the charm of the toy will express a cute little dress.

To do this, use the following instructions

  • Look out for a white cloth like this.

    and cut 3 pieces for back and front
  • Sew a skirt to the bodice with a large stitch with the lace down and pull it off a little
  • Now you can proceed to picking up the apron and sewing on to the skirt with a secret seam
  • Then sew the hair on a strip of fabric and put on the head of the doll with small stitches.
  • Face pupae can be painted as you like, but only with the use of acrylic paint.As a result, you will get such a funny doll

So, now you have all the skills of a toy maker and know exactly how to sew a doll in minutes! This will allow you to engage in exciting handicrafts with children.